paragliding lessons for kids

Our guiding for kids So I’ve been training my son since his 7 So it’s been like a three years already. I can now have some experience that I want to share with you guys The first thing is get them out Yeah, if you don’t get them out, they will play video game all day long. I want to do a serial videos for this topic Go really detail how the kids handle the the paragliding the first thing is It’s about a gear so right now this one is 22 square meter Definitely it’s oversized for him. But I found out oversize actually is better I have 17 square meter wing . It’s much faster than the larger one, so it’s really hard to handle the small wing This 22m wing, can handle by himself He can launch turn into air by himself if he’s when conditions right. So I think pick up the gear little bit oversized actually is better for to training kids The second thing it’s about a season a winter season is much better than the summer You know the kids they want to mess around they definitely want to mess around they want to lay down the ground they want to slide they want to roll So in the winter we wear a lot of clothes even sliding on the snow is much fun So winter season is much better. I want to talk about more detail about How they actually handle the pargliding wing, maybe next video If you guys have an any question and any more experienced you want to share please leave comment We definitely need to treat young polit for paragliding This is our goal Okay. Thank you

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