Paragliding Mallorca – Gleitschirmfliegen Sa Torre – Cabo Blanco

Yes, here we are again in Cabo Blanco. Sa Torre. This is a wonderful edge for soaring. in the Southwest Mallorca. And yes – accordingly the wind direction southwest to West, you can start here. If the wind fits. Today it fits perfectly. It’s a great stretch to soar along here. You can see these magnificent houses. These dream houses. All with a pool, of course. Yes – simply wonderful. Often many ships are around here to see the sunset. Perfectly you can see the sunset from here. You can soar into the sunset. Just a dream. Yes, you usually start from these bays here. Right here, from these holding bays. Of these turning circles. Then somehow you swing over the wall. And right it´s going down. And… if the conditions are good, you can then topland again. On the other hand, you can land on one of the lower paths. Yes, on good days you can go here soar forever. You can also soar further around the corner. Then, however, the wind must be exactly vertical on the coast. So actually ideal. OK. What can you imagine as a suitable landing site … when you’re over there … here definitely thinks it has to land. Is this a suitable landing site? Yes or no? Well – you can disagree. I tried it out.

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