Paragliding & Reverse Kiting Tips

My name is Patrick Eaves with WingEnvy Paragliding.
In this clip, we’re going to be talking about how to reverse kite using your brakes. Sometimes
you’ll hear it referred to as reverse kiting with preset hands. The reason that is, is
you’ve gotten the wing up over your head, now you let go and you have just your brakes
in your hand, but you didn’t turn around yet. However, remember, your brakes are already
twisted because they’re ready for you to turn around. So, when you’re kiting in this direction,
you have to remember that your brakes are going to the opposite sides, and the best
way to remember this is you’re trying to keep the wing over your head. If it starts going
to the left, you’re going to pull your left hand down. If it starts going to the right,
you’re going to pull your right hand down, and also, you’re going to remember to try
to stay under the wing. So, if it’s moving to the right, you’re going to move to the
right under it, and pull some with your right hand. As the wing starts moving left, Eric
wants it to stay center, so he pulls a little bit of left on his left hand. It starts to
go to the right, so he’s pulling with his right. It starts to go left again. Whichever
direction it’s going into, pull the brake on that side. That will bring it back to center.

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