Paragliding Safety: Learn how to use the best launch stance

Hello! In this video we’re to show you how
to improve your launches so that you get a body position that gives you more power or
control and much more safety. Every time you launch you’re in the most risky part of
the air. That’s where you’re most likely to get a collapse is just on the launch site
as a wind comes running up the mountain and is full of turbulence. That’s the position
where you really can’t afford to get knocked back and land on your back. If you’re standing
upright it’s a recipe for disaster because if that glider knocks back you’re going
to fall backwards onto your bum. So get your head through the risers as it makes a huge
difference because when you fall on the ground you’ll be on your feet … a much better
place to land on! So have a look at the body position here.
I’m leaning far forward. I’ve got my head and my shoulders and my chest ahead of the
karabiners. As soon you stand up and look up at the glider your body rotates. The harness
rides up and wedges up (there) and this makes it very difficult to get into the harness
and it’s also position that is very difficult to balance in because you’re constantly
getting tipped back. Contrast that with the right position leaning
forward — you can see the pivot point, and there’s some weight ahead of the pivot point
and that’s the secret. As soon as you stand up things rotate and the weight is now pulling
down behind the pivot point. And that makes it impossible to get any traction on the ground
and any control and also if you have a collapse that’s what’s gonna happen — your body
will rotate and you’re going to land at the worst position possible: bottom of your
spine. So make sure you keep your head ahead of the
karabiners, look where you are going and keep your arms swept back. Good luck with your flying Keep it safe
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39 thoughts on “Paragliding Safety: Learn how to use the best launch stance

  1. Simple things like this make a huge difference and pointing them out can also minimize the risk we encounter at lauch. Simple things are easy to remember: thanks for this videos!

  2. Well done Flybubble….these tips are priceless, albeit for the novice, or a reminder to the experienced who sometimes fall into bad habits.

  3. I'm grateful for having a technique which although one knows intuitively has never seen it explained so logically and clearly.

  4. Quite informative, and to the point makes me more aware of body position, and the focal point behind your carabeners.

  5. And now lets take it one step further: I also land in this stance! Especially with low wind landings when the ground speed is higher.

  6. You guys are the Acme in online instruction..simple,succinct and quality..keep it up and hey what about applying for government assistance in the interests of public safety?? 

  7. Reminds me of downhill snow skiing where it order to turn the ski, your weight must be way forward over the front of your toes which leaves you in a position where you feel like it's dangerous.

  8. As a Deaf Newly Cp rated paraglider pilot i love the stuff you post , even more so if they have Subtitiles LOL great video as always so just me way of saying thanks for the effort  on this one Cheers

  9. It's not just that you have more weight forward over the pivot point, it's also that with your arms back and up, you're pulling far less brake than most naturally do in a standing position.

  10. Great video, the only thing to add perhaps is that some when some pilots sweep their arms back to keep weight forward they also pull a little too much brake, kind of like racing off the lights in your car with the handbrake on 🙂

  11. This is probably the most informative video I have seen for starting in paragliding. I understood everything you brought out and you did an excellent job in presenting it. I am not yet into paragliding and am going to start here real soon. Watching this has helped me realize how the harness and the weight of ones body work upon the wing when launching. Thanks a million. Stay safe

  12. I don't know i you agreed with this, but some site use your video and ask money to make your video readable

  13. Thanks for this information for a beginning para pilot! I’m curious how much of this information is applicable to powered flight?

  14. Great videos. Do you have any videos on landing techniques? As in body position and running etc. I am having great difficulty in landing on my feet standing up. My legs keep giving way and thus hurting my quads. I seem to be leaning back but can’t visualise what it should look like. Thanks.

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