19 thoughts on “Paragliding Safety: Preflight Checks

  1. a very important check is the inspection of the handle of the reserve. I did not noticed that they had done so in the video.
    many accidents can be avoided by doing this.
    last weekend, when taking the harnes from the car, the handle came out. just noticed on take off.
    A few months ago, a friend had a serious accident because he didn't found the handle of the reserve. had changed chair recently …
    I really like your videos. Very useful. Please continue. And thank you.

  2. Good video, but I think some things were left out that should be checked prior to flight as well. This is the version I learned.

    R- Reserve (handle secured)
    1- Helmet (strap secure)
    2- Caribiners (Locked)
    3- Buckles on Harness Secure
    4- Corners of Glider (free)
    R- Radio Check
    S- Stirrup 
    S- Speed bar (attached and secured)
    T- Turn (proper twist in the risers for a given launch)
    T- Time (vario turned on or watch glanced at)

    Plus all those you mentioned.

  3. There's an even easier to remember method I use: 

    A – Atmosphere (weather) 
    B – Buckles – all buckles on harness and helmet
    C – Canopy – including lines, risers, speed bar etc.
    D – Deployment system- reserve pin
    E – Electronics – all on?
    F – Fun – remember what it's all about

  4. Thank you for this video ! I personally prefer to have all my routine before facing the glider. After I just have to concentrate on the wind direction, its strength, cycles, the other gliders and on the launching itself. 

  5. Forgot the speedbar connection. I forgot this last sunday I lauched below a huge cloud, tried to reach official land. When pushed the speedbar, I saw it was disconnected from glider. Need to land using big ears beside official land just above trees and small plants. 

  6. It's a good idea, but it's wrong. The most important check by far is leg straps. Forget the leg straps and you die. Just about everything else is an inconvenience. Also, as mentioned below, check the reserve handle.

  7. Thanks to author.
    Clear and informative video.
    Could I repost your video in Ukrainian paragliders site?

  8. Nice video about the 5points control, here is one to nr. 2 which was not done properly or at all https://youtube.com/watch?v=M-lT6Rw9m8k&list=PLYj47BfnLrzjHdE3Uh9FAw0ZyqzbllnmS&index=2

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