paragliding self towing go free flight by yourself

E-winch Electrical winch self towing without help and go free flight by yourself You say it’s so easy. The winch is so powerful is pull you up. So yeah this you see right now this is only problem I have found out So we normally doing the hand is right here with break, but You have to point this way I mean the remote have to point to the Antenna, otherwise, it’s loss signal So you have to make used to it, you know point your hand that way So that’s only problem, but that’s ok if you used to it. It should be no problem So the whole procedure is like you drive your car further away and then pull the line back and then use remote and Put the trigger pull you up very simple Really That day is not good you can say is cross wind but Is good whenever you can fly So I would like greg to talk about more about his Electric winch Oh Another thing. Another thing is once you released so you have keep pull the trigger, you know let the line go all the way back to the spoon Yeah, that’s another thing need to remember Just my first time you know, everthing goes smooth The time in that moment is around 3 p.m. So you don’t have much thermal to Actually catch up Well, let’s greg talk about more detail ok that’s my budy greg let him introduce This is the switch, you know, this is tension on Yeah, the one Union you can pull by yourself you can do the pay in payout A small unit you can do tandems It’s not gonna launch you like a rocket, but it’s actually good Oh, you actually try the tandem on this

8 thoughts on “paragliding self towing go free flight by yourself

  1. Hey, Jerry. It was great to have you in our flatlands. You're welcome to come fly with us any time, bud. And next time I'll have this remote for you (it was sold out):

  2. I got one of those from Greg. only got a handful of flights on it though. Getting used to the remote is a challenge for me because it is very sensitive. Awsome

  3. I have towed before and like it, except the gas/clutch situation but this looks great! Could this be the answer to Canada's rotten licensing & insurance & ultralight pilot's licence for paramotor operators here (yes even electric)? I think so!!

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