Paragliding Skills: How To Cobra Launch

So the Cobra Launch: you usually see this
used by acro pilots on the top of some crazy castle in Spain. So I have a bunched glider
It’s useful to play around with this technique You get the tip out It’s something to have in your arsenal of tricks and you really want to play around on a grassy site because when you’re learning this you’re
going to drag your glider all over the place this is one of the big disadvantages: when
you’re setting the wing up for a Cobra, it’s usually from a bunched position, which means
a lot of tangles in the lines, so you’ve got to clear those first.
then come around this way, get the tip to stand up right in the corner now you can see there the big cravatted section that is hanging through the lines is pulling
the glider back now I’m trying to go for my stabilo line to
pull it out, but you can see, it’s just not going to happen. There are various sections in the arc around the downwind point that provide different
power, and you want it to be in the COBRA ZONE, just at the upwind edge of the window.
This is a variation, you can just play with this, this is just a semi cobra, walking around
the wing and letting it launch from the side, it’s useful to develop control, I’m not convinced
it’s an improvement in strong wind conditions. You can see the glider is really dragging
around on the slope there when you do that, so don’t try that on a rocky launch, your
glider will be shreds. that’s the idea, that’s what you’re trying
to do, is get it across to there, because in that positions it’s not going to pull you
nearly as much. I can stand like this and wait for the right
conditions, when I’ve got a gap that I like, I can launch it from here, standing here,
looking at the far end. I’m using the As and the Cs, a little bit over, once it’s vertical
I’m pulling on the Cs, it brings it around to the side of the window, I’ve got no cravattes
in that so I’m happy to let it come up, and there we go.
You’re always aiming to have the glider right at the edge of the wind window when you start,
and not downwind like that, as you can see I’ve just shredded my glider to pieces if
that was rocky. So keeping it right in the corner, it takes
a lot of finesse to get this right, and the layout of the glider is pretty critical. If
you get any gusts, you’re likely to have some glider fabric falling into the lines and getting
a cravatte on that side. So because of these limitations, I don’t recommend
it as a strong wind launch technique but your glider might really like it, so it’s
worth playing around with it, it is a variation that gives you less power
and less pull but given the disadvantages in all conditions on all sites,
I’m sticking with the standard launch of getting the glider open first and pulling it up straight.
Have fun!

20 thoughts on “Paragliding Skills: How To Cobra Launch

  1. This is just for showing off.. nothing else. You just do reverse launch in those conditions, it's easier and better for a wing

  2. Awesome 🙂 Thanks. Loving the music. The DHV video on cobra launching is also worth a watch. Unfortunately, not in English.

  3. I've loved all of the flybubble videos so far but this one just wasn't good. One should properly learn a technique before giving it bad cred. For example; you're not using your hips at all, even the earlier mentioned DHV video shows that. Also look at
    Quite a few times I would have trashed a glider or myself without knowing how to do proper cobra launches.

  4. When I first heard of paragliding, my single biggest concern was tangled lines… good to see it's not as bad as i thought it was.

  5. Hey, your videos are always instructive. I have no doubt that watching them is helping me to become a better pilot. Thank you. Keep them coming!

  6. Got any tips for the rock over? The bit where you bring the glider overhead from standing on a tip. My glider really seems to stick at that point. I did see you move laterally towards the lower tip in the first launch I might try that.

  7. cobra launch is basic launch for dunesoaring .. if people cant cobra they are not allowed on the beach .. (or they see the top of dunes far to quick) its definitely a strongwind start .. but off course we only use mini wings which makes it much easier … have fun everybody … !!!.

  8. Thank you, Greg. I have used this technique with a paramotor which has allowed me to fly in stronger conditions at the beach. It's saved me from destroying a propeller….eish!!!! …amali inkulu!!!! 😉😄😄

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