Paragliding Techniques & Instruction for Beginners : Basics of Paragliding

Welcome to My name is Patrick
Eaves with Wingenvy Paragliding. In this clip, I’m going to be talking to you about what
paragliding is and how to get into the sport. There is a misconception a lot of times about
what paragliding is. A lot of people think it’s parasailing. Parasailing is actually
where you get pulled behind a boat in a big round parachute and you have absolutely no
control of where you’re going. Paragliding, you’re flying a real glider. In paragliding,
we have control over when we take off, when we land, and where we go. Left, right, up
and down. We can also take advantage of lift. Lift like thermals, heated cores of air that
rise up , and ridge lift, which is wind that hits a ridge or cliff or mountain and goes
up and we’re able to fly back and forth over that. Paragliders fly on the same basic principals
of flight that ariplanes use for their wings, gliders use for their wings. Our wing is made
out of nylon so to keep it pressurized, we used ram air technology. Large openings in
the front of the wing that when air enters, it gets trapped and forms a pressurized shape
that is our wing. These videos and clips are in no way meant to replace instruction. If
you’re going to decide to become a paraglider, you still need to go out and find a qualified
instructor. The best way to do is look online for your countries governing body of paragliding
and find a certified instructor. The certified instructor is going to be able to take you
up for a ride so you can see if you even like it. Then if you decide you want to continue
with the sport, they’re going to find you the right gear, keep you safe and teach you
all the stuff that in this short amount of time I’m not going to be able to teach you.
Hopefully, these videos will help supplement your training and you’ll become a great pilot.
An instructor is going to make sure you have the proper ratings and certifications to fly.
If you have any problems finding an instructor in your area, you can contact me at

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  1. Merci beaucoup,votre l'école parapente et tous.Ce sont les école gratuits dans L'internet. Merci encore et j'espere que votre site peux plusieurs lange comprendre.

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