Paragliding Techniques & Instruction for Beginners : Connecting the Harness to the Paraglider

Welcome to, I’m Patrick
Eaves with Wingenvy Paragliding. In this clip, we’re going to be talking about how to hook
into the glider. First step is getting your harness on. You want to hook into your harness
before you hook into the glider. That way, once you hook in you’re in control. So you’re
going to make sure to connect both leg straps. Each harness is a little different, so you’re
going to figure it out on your particular harness. Your instructor will help you do
that. The basic idea is make sure to connect your leg straps and your chest strap. Once
you’re in your harness, never partially disconnect. You don’t want to just to disconnect your
legs to go hike and get something because you may forget to click in. So once you’re
in your harness, you’re all the way in. If you have to get out for any reason or want
to disconnect, disconnect everything and get out of the harness. Your next step is going
to be hooking your harness into the wing. So what you’re going to do is give just a
little pressure on the lines. Again, your holding onto the risers where they connect
into the carabiners. What you’re going to want to do is find your A risers. Make sure
your A lines are on top and go to the leading edge of the wing with no other lines over
them. Then you’re going to find your rear risers, in this case, the D risers, and make
sure they’re going to trailing edge of the wing with no tangles or anything. You can
hold the risers apart, make sure they’re not twisted or anything. When everything looks
good, you’re ready to clip in. You’re going to have a predetermined way, which you can
turn around from the glider to launch. I usually teach turning to the left. You’re going to
have the risers held together parallel and you’re going to twist them 180 degrees into
the direction that your’e going to turn to launch. In this case, I turn left so I have
the risers together. I’m going to go ahead and flip them 180 degrees to the left. Then
holding them together parallel, I’m going to hook them into my carabiners making sure
not to untwist them as I hook them in. Now I’m hooked in. When I turn around, what should
happen is my As should be on the front away from me ready to fly. Once you’ve done this
a few times, you won’t need to check as often by turning all the way around. You can do
what’s called a half turn. In the half turn, you just turn half way and make sure that
your As are away here, your As are away here. That way you don’t have to fully turn away
from the glider. Now you’re hooked in and you’re ready to grab your brakes.

7 thoughts on “Paragliding Techniques & Instruction for Beginners : Connecting the Harness to the Paraglider

  1. Always connect the chest strap 1st, get in the habit. If you are connected to the wing with leg straps closed and you get an inflation, you'll be turned upside down!

  2. Instruction *in this video* is to completely click up the harness legs and chest before ever hooking into the glider to begin with (in which case order makes what difference?)… discussion of hanging by legs or neck/armpits? on inflation is moot unless one has made the error of partially unclicking harness or not being completely clicked in while still hooked to the wing as mentioned in vid, seems to me… just a thought. Agree with Cookie, which ever suits. Different paths to the sky. 🙂

  3. Can someone put the clips in order. They are all over the place. It goes from what kit needed to how to land! sort it out….

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