Paragliding Techniques & Instruction for Beginners : How to Forward Launch a Paraglider

Welcome again to I’m Patrick
Eaves with Wingenvy Paragliding. In this clip, I’m going to be showing you how to forward
launch a paraglider. The first steps in forward launching a paraglider are making sure to
lay out your wing in a nice symmetrical pattern exactly straight into the wind. This is going
to help the glider inflate perfectly over you as you’re running. Also, remember that
horse shoe pattern. You want to lay the wing in horse shoe pattern with the center of the
glider furthest away from you. That way the center is going to come up first and allow
the wing to not crab and horse shoe on you once it’s up in the air. Once you’ve had your
glider laid out and perfectly laying into the wind, you’re facing forward now. You’re
going to reach up under your risers. As you do that you’re going to grab your brake on
the way through. Remember, reaching behind and under. Then you’re going to place just
your A riser in your palm. The rest of your risers are going to drape over your arm. You’re
going to step back so you don’t pull the glider with you while you’re doing this. Remember,
reach under and back and then put your A riser into your palm. The rest of the riser is just
going to lay over your arms. Now you’re in position to launch. A couple things to remember
when you’re doing a forward. First, the power from your forward launch is going to come
from your hips, so you’re going to be running and pulling. Think of it as pulling from your
carabiners. Your A’s, your hands, aren’t doing any of the work. Your hands are just there
to guide your A. I tell people to push on your A’s or anything. You actually want to
pull your risers all the way and push them back behind you so you’re pushing forward
on the As. Then you’re going to look behind you, make sure your lines are symmetrical
on both sides and that you’re straight with the wing. You’re on your wind line. You’re
with the center of the wing and straight into the wind. You’re going to take just a half
step back. Then you’re going to run forward as fast as you can. Remember, pulling with
your hips. Once the wing’s over your head, let the risers out of your hands, put your
brakes back into torpedo with no brakes on, and check both tips to make sure they’re open.

11 thoughts on “Paragliding Techniques & Instruction for Beginners : How to Forward Launch a Paraglider

  1. Hey, perfect video. But what i should do if the glider dont comes straight over me? pull the brakes? let the alines go?

  2. very useful.I am having lessons,but this helped clear up some issues i had after leaving the instructer,thanks for posting.

  3. @KTMheizer The reason you tell a beginner to "run as fast as you can" is that beginners do have a tendency to hardly run at all! As soon as the wing rises and starts tugging back, people just STOP! Later when you learn to _feel_ the wing, you naturally don't need to be so religious about running. Lots of paragliding skills are muscle memory – that's why, incidentally, you cannot learn flying by watching videos, you really have take lessons.

  4. Overall these are a good series to "wet" your already "drooling" appetite for paragliding / paramotoring. Looking forward to viewing more vids from you. Dank U wel!

  5. My trainer told me to do this forward thing first, then he showed me the backwards thing. That was the only time I used forward launch, you just can't see the wing.

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