Paragliding Techniques & Instruction for Beginners : Paragliding & Reverse Inflation Tips

Welcome to My name is Patrick
Eaves. In this clip, we’re going to be talking about reverse inflation using just your A’s.
You’re going to start out, now you’re hooked into the glider. You’ve checked that you’re
hooked in right, and we’re going to go ahead and get the brakes in our hands to start this
process. So to get your breaks in your hands, what you’re going to do is start out with
your left hand, go to your left carabiner and follow your palm along your rear riser,
your D riser, to your brake and pull the brake out. Once you have the brake in your hand,
don’t let it go because you don’t want it to get twisted up. With your other hand, your
right hand, go to your right carabiner. Follow your palm along the D riser making sure there’s
no twists as you go and grab the brake off again. Don’t let it go. Now your brakes are
in the right hand. You’re going to cross your risers into an X. Once you do that, you should
have no twists and make sure that your A’s are on top and go straight to the wing. Then
you’re going to grab one A in each hand. Your left hand’s going to grab the A that goes
to the left side of the wing that you’re facing, the right hand going to the right side of
the wing. Now you’re ready to bring the wing up using just As. Your As are like your gas,
so you’re going to try to bring them up symmetrically, but if one side is coming up quicker than
the other, let As off on the side that’s coming up to quick. And the side that’s coming up
too slowly, you’re going to pull a little extra A. You’re going to do this until the
wing comes up evenly over your head. Once it’s up over your head, you’re going to let
go of your risers and go into brake control. To bring the wing back down, you’re going
pull your brakes back. That’s going to bring the wing down. The power to bring the wing
up is going to come through your hips and come through your risers. You’re going to
be pulling on your As and you’re going to be pushing back at the same time with your
hips to get the wing to come up.
Here it is again. Remember he’s leaning back with his hips. He’s pulling his As. As soon
as he gets the wing up over his head, it’s stable. Go ahead and pull his brakes to pull
it back down. That’s reverse inflation using both As.

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