Paragliding through the clouds (Tandem) [Eng subs]

Tandem through the clouds. Pilot: As log as I keep saying run, you run.
Passanger: Even if we are up flying already? Pilot: No, but you need to stay in the upright position ready to run again. Pilot: It’s only when I say we seat – you can then only seat.
Passanger: Ok Pilot: On my mark we run. Pilot: 3… 2… 1… Pilot: Run! Pilot: Run, run, run, run… Pilot: All rigt… Pilot: Ok, we can seat now. Pilot: that’s it. Pilot: Let’s fly… Pilot: Here we are… Pilot: Congratulations!

5 thoughts on “Paragliding through the clouds (Tandem) [Eng subs]

  1. ale mi się marzy wykonać jeszcze przed końcem sezonu taki lot nad chmury, najbezpieczniej pewnie z liny… Dlaczego były zakładane uszy?

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