Paragliding to Pay It Forward | Join My Journey

You’re probably wondering why me, a California girl, is in Portland right now paragliding. Well, it all started when I
got a call from my sister, Ellen. So, my brother was living in L.A., and he paid for me to visit him and we went to trapeze school. And we actually got to be trapeze artists, swinging
around and doing flips and stuff. It pushed me out of my comfort zone. It
opened my eyes to different parts of the world and different things that are out
there. Having that experience, I wanted to pay it forward to Camille. my little sister,
in the same way. Bring her out of her comfort zone and do something crazy that
she never thought that she should do, like paragliding. Well, we’re on our way to go paragliding. I’m definitely feeling nervous and excited ’cause you have the, “Oh, fun! I’m gonna go paragliding!” And then, the closer I’m getting to the Oregon coast, the more excited I’m getting. And at the same time, I’m wondering, “What is this gonna be like?” I think it’s really important
to see different parts of the world and things that you may not know that you love yet. But,
like, your favorite thing might be out there. You just haven’t traveled far enough to find it. Sharing your experiences with people you love is a demonstration about love, you know?
I love this, I know you will, too. I want you to have this because I loved it. And that’s how
I feel about Camille. You have no idea when you’re gonna take
flight. You’re just running hoping you don’t just run off the cliff. Yay, Camille! Woo! So cool! It really was also like, “Oh! I’m flying now, okay!” I definitely didn’t plunge into the ocean, so… That was so cool! It was good. That was awesome! It really was. Today was so much fun. It was so awesome. It really made me want to maybe pay it forward to someone else and pass on this experience and take someone I love and teach them something new. Thank you, Ellen. You’re welcome. Who’s my little sister? I am. I love you. I love you, too.

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