Paragliding vlog parapente I Hike and Fly PARAVLOG

No, no, no no no….that is unreal. Hello, adventure soup for today is already waiting for us. Up in the cloud base. Not the best at the moment… But old saying is: crazy people are lucky at the end! Here we go…..(already off the path) Jackpot!!! One path…another path…hmmm Yessss! Almost there! You know how they say…. For every paraglider there is one tree… I picked this one. Hello! …. good tree! So I think I am safe for a while! Flying people! Friends… I am sooo happy that I can share this speical phenomen with you… BLUE SKY! Third time…lucky time. So…impossible to take off at the cottage take off site… Snow…impossible to run… So we are moving towards our second and last hope. Lets hope for the best… No, no, no no no… Aaaa, yesss! Yessss!

4 thoughts on “Paragliding vlog parapente I Hike and Fly PARAVLOG

  1. I Liked your vid, very enjoyable 🙂
    I'm starting my channel and wanted to check out other small channels on the rise 🙂

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