Paragliding Wanaka rainbows

Moke lake, I’ve been flying… must be close to an hour least half an hour anyway. And scratchy as, this is the most promising climb so far I’ve been pretty much going around launch height, around 3000′ So it would be good to get up on Ben Lomond. There’s forest to the north it’s a pretty claggy sort of day I muffed it.. behind the lodge, after getting low in the valley ahead there Here we are, I’ve climbed up about 500 metres, on the slopes of Mt Gilbert and the sun’s come out, it was behind this gloopy cirrus so… time to get airborne a bit of sun has transformed the day and a good climb not off the summit of Gilbert, but a little to the west it’s starting to look like good, sucky clouds cloud base is a touch under 9000′ which is perfect because airspace is just above that Gilbert is down that way. Let’s go! At the moment my plan more or less is to go up the Richardson (range) and then come back down the Dart, if I can I think that’s the best plan to deal with overdevelopment, and it’s the second half of the triangle I wanted to do coming through Snowy creek down there, the same way Bryan came the other day great little climb here. Loch Nagar. Gorgeous cloud base about 9500′ and I’ll be there pretty soon I reckon nice flying through here, head of the Shotover, Mt Repulse, and thinking of a trip I did years ago where I walked along there and launched on the corner in the late evening, after 7pm… flew down the Matukituki Fog peak behind me, now I left it there’s a cloud on there I’m happy to be up on Homestead spur great little spot here Rob Roy glacier scratching out of this Cascade saddle bowl. I lost a bit of height in there before I’ve got to pop over and get back on track look at these awesome clouds in the Shotover there’s a lot of rain that way. I was very close to getting through Cascade saddle but I couldn’t manage it I don’t know if I would have been alright going down the Dart anyway so let’s go to Wanaka off to see the Wanaka crew. It would be cool if Kamila turns up there don’t know if she’s watching my SPOT or not. It’s pretty late so she might be back in GY already check these views out eh? Awesome pretty big development up there to the north too, must be over Mt Brewster so there’s Wanaka, looks achievable. See how we go I’ve got the speed bar on because there’s just a few drops of rain and hail how cool is this rainbow. All the way around. Well, all around the bottom half anyway I’m getting awesome glides. I’m just cruising into Wanaka if you look back at Mt Alta – I’m possibly even above the height of Mt Alta.. (haven’t lost much height anyway) after 8pm and the glides are incredible. I mean, this is a bad glide at the moment I’ve got double rainbows now, over here

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  1. Eres un fiera, alucino con los vuelos de cross que haces. Si alguna vez vienes por Galicia, España, avisa me, que te enseño la zona y nos vamos a volar juntos.

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