Paragliding World Cup 2015 – Baixo Guandu/ES – Episode03

I make cream cheese, butter, roots, sweats. I make everything. How much is the kale? We try to speak spanish. “Portunhol” to comunicate with them. They pointing what they want. They show the sugar cane juice, “pastel”… This is good for the city. Let us money here.
Want to try a guava ? You do not like there in your country. Here in Brazil is different. Condiment. Hot peppers, garlic, onion… This is a mix. We call this “mistureba”. It’s very good. This here crosses the Atlantic. Goes to United States, Italia… They take it to many different places. Bananas, cheese, and sweet condensed milk. Tapioca is selling a lot. Thank God.
excellent. Of course it is very good . I love it.I’m used to working with tourists. My city welcomes tourists . I am from Porto Seguro and I’m used to working with you.. And the more we get, the better It’s wonderful. For me it’s good. Even more to the people who live there. That depends on the movement there for getting back and forth . I live near there. Depending of the movement there. The road is good . Few things that we have in the year. An event like this is the whole world. No one comes to know in Baixo Guandu Baixo Guandu , but come to know the Monjolo take of. Monjolo is because the community has now on there is called Monjolo And monjolo is a mill powered by water. That existed here in the old site. So why stream Monjolo and ramp Monjolo . It is very good for the site here .
Already had in 2013 2014 was not because of the flooding disaster . But it’s becoming tradition Not only because we enjoyed the sport of paragliding. But to attract people back here . To invest in sport , tourism . People come here to make your competition , but also to stay in town, staying in hotels, the residences , which also rent. The bars , restaurants. Finally , a way to boost tourist pontecial and the economy of our city. Imagine during ten days people spending here in town. increasing tourism . People are already starting to make the bed and breakfast . At first had a bit of resistance , people did not know who was going to stay inside their homes as rent. The crowded hotels , all crowded trade. Good to see the city progressing and growing because of an event like this . People are happy, waiting to see the guys fly. The city is busier. Financially also brings a nice return to the city. View a landscape of these is very satisfying. And we see that the crisis hovering over the country , We see our trade better. That’s really good. Children watching , learning , seeing different things. Overall, the interaction. People from other countries , other languages ​​, other cultures. People are excited for the opportunity to have direct contact with people around the world. Wonderful . Like the World Cup. Being here in the middle of the guys , knowing. You just knew by the name of internet guys . Now they are here. It’s wonderful. Beautiful Task, on the way to Colatina, coming back over the rocks. Task today was very difficult. Blue sky, so we could not map the routes . I was wrong in two days of competition , so could not risk too much. Then me and Frank came a more conservative flight Only following the Spare who were finding thermals. So, we managed to get here among 25, 30. I left too low. I did not get . Bad luck.

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