Paragliding xc || gopro hero

For today only, I could not reach, I had 1 km and got home. God help !!! I have to find a way … I gave it to Mures !!! There might be some way here to find people fishing I could not land on the other side Yes, there is a road here !!! to see where it takes us Finally, I’ve come to a place I know, to know where I’m going, in which direction I take it The former 20 strawberry farm, where I worked when I was a kid What’s left of the former strawberry plantation in Lipova … is what’s seen Sometime here, everything around you was planted with strawberries And so slowly, I slowly got to Lipova After a few kilometers we reached Lipova

2 thoughts on “Paragliding xc || gopro hero

  1. Good flight – beautiful looking day.
    From what I could tell, I only speak english, that is not where you wanted to land.

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