Paragliding XC Secrets: Get Tandem Thermaling Training

Ready there? Launching, three two one!
That’s good, just keep your weight forward That’s nice. OK. Long steps. Lovely
[music] So because I’ve got lift, I don’t need to
stay on the slope. Right, yeah
I just glided into wind, in continuous lift, there’s another little beep.
I’m just trying to follow the lifty line So I’m already shifting there, it was more
lift on the right, I’ve got a little bit of brake on either side
Now there’s no lift so I’m just accelerating, gliding through sinky air.
OK, don’t seem to be finding anything at the moment, and I’ve got two wings that are nearby,
not in lift. That was just my first push out, let’s go
back in again … Lift there … now I was going to turn right,
but I’ve got my right brake on and there’s no pressure, so now I’m just extending the
turn … To, there! There’s something, so I can turn
on that. Now I’m looking around to the right, there’s
a glider on approach, he’s got a lot of time to see me turning.
There’s the core again. Other glider’s behind me on the right, I’ll
go around behind him Now did you notice we drifted back over the
ridge quite a lot there? And now, pointing into wind with a bit of
brake on, and I’ve got 4 Ks an hour. So I can’t use these very far back.
Yeah, so the only way I’m going to get up there, with the other boys, is by going right
out over the fields, getting enough distance to drift back with the climb.
I’m in lift, flying slowly, lots and lots of brake on, I’m just, I’m not going to turn,
yeah yeah, I’m just floating up as high as I can, and trying to avoid getting out the
front of it … Still very very good lift, I might turn back
for that. Turn right, lean right, round we go.
There’s another wing with us, so I’m opening out slightly.
That’s good, but that’s probably my last turn, because any further back it’s going to start
drifting more. JOHN>>It’s got a very tight turn on it, hasn’t
it? GREG>>Yeah, that’s why I bought it! It’s
a dream to thermal. OK, so what do you see out ahead of us?
JOHN>>OK, I see clouds, little wispy ones and some big ones.
GREG>>Yup JOHN>>Like a little line of clouds coming
this way. GREG>>Where do you think the thermal source
is from this cloud? JOHN>>Ah, OK, should be probably … the
brown fields? GREG>>Yup! So I’m going to go straight for
the brown fields. What’s my best glide, into wind? With a bit
of speedbar, or no speedbar? JOHN>>Into wind? I’d go speedbar.
GREG: OK? So, off we go … speedbar (trimmers off)
[MUSIC] Thank you baby, through the inversion
[Niviuk mating call]

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