Paragliding & Zip Line In Mussoorie Hill Station

good morning guys welcome to the another
vlog so today I’m heading out to mussoorie with my friend so actually this is a last
movement plan we decided to go on a vacation so we will be staying for the
next three days in massoorie so now I have to go to pick my friend and then we
will start our journey to massoorie guys let me take my key oh let’s take
this bad boy out guys here we go guys check out the boot size of this car oh guys so finally now i am at my friend’s house let’s go right now we are in dehradun and
it will take around one hour to reach massoorie so we stopped here for some
fresh juice after that we will start a journey to massoorie hope that we reach
there on time a few moments later tonight we are now finally in massoorie after long sleep I’m ready now to go out
let’s go and have some fun hi check out this view of massoorie guys this is our second day in massoorie
so today we decided to go to a nearby garden but before that I have to call
mechanic because there is some problem with my car with need to be fixed so hope we find a mechanic here and go and find a mechanic so that my car can be fixed
by the way guys check out this road you can see the cars moving there so it
seems so small like a toy let’s look amazing from here oh god guys as I’m so scared suddenly a monkey from
this door came in to our room and he has taken a complete packet of face wipes
from this bag oh god so gus we are not able to find mechanic
here in massoorie and now we have decided to take my car to a nearby service
center in the dehradun so now I have to find other options like a cab or another
thing to go to the garden so now we are here for lunch
after that i have to find a cab to go to nearby Garden Ring Road my favorite lime soda I’ve done now with my food and it’s time
to get some sleep so guys we found another option to go to the garden
so bye-bye XUV bye hi guys so we are finally now here at
company garden so by rikshaw here so weather here it’s really awesome and you
can look view behind me I feel so fresh here so guys now it’s
time to go to wax museum here in company garden so guys we are now in wax Museum and the
first person I think the first statue you can see of Mahatma Gandhi and the second statue is of the Jawahar Lal Nehru and the third statue is of Swami Vivek Anand and the fourth statue is of Albert Einstein
it look real and third statue is of Indian actress
from parveen bobby and six statue is of famous comedian
Charlie chaplin them so guys 7th statue is of a famous
actor and actress Leonardo and you can check out the net worth 220
million Oh God so guys eight statue is of bruce lee right now I’m with bruce lee yeah awesome so guys it’s now time for voting and
after that I’m going to try zip line and paragliding hi guys so now finally I’m at home so at
a long drive but so much I’m literally about to pass out guys
so before thing bye I want to say something to you guys actually I started
vloging few months ago today I’m not good in editing and
shooting videos but still I am getting lot of calls from my friends and other
people this motivates me a lot guys only because of these cause and your support
I’m able to shoot this video because last time I thought that I should quit
blocking because it is too tough for me to shoot and to add it because I have to
see after my office work also I got only Sunday to shoot and to edit this video
so it was taking so much time because I am new to blogging it was taking so much
time and I didn’t know anything about editing
about vlogging I’m not eating and then having a professional camera I’m just
using my phone to shoot my video so but when I saw your comment and I saw my
friends are liking my video and other people are also liking so I thought that
I should try more maybe that I’m able to improve my blog and if you guys keep
supporting me like this I hope that I can block better so guys as you know
long journey I’m tired so much so just literally about to pop out so guys I’m
wrapping up this blog bye bye keep smiling and stay tuned

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