Paramotor Pull Start/Flash starter change

hey, everybody, this is Hussam from DIY and
paramotor I hope you are doing well today! we are going to change the pull-start cable for my paramotor
that did get damaged the last time actually when I landed and I tried to
restart the motor it just went out so we are today going to change
it but first we have to find the line for that so I think I can find it in an
the fishing store that when you can’t buy fishing tools so let’s go first to pick
it up and we come back again to see so let’s go we are going now to bring the phone for
my kids, before the barometer thank you bye I am looking for… I will show you.
yes, parking spot, okay yeah that’s great just give me 5meters. yes, I can start from anywhere because I have the motor behind me we are here again we bring the cable
we have a new five-meter cable and I have the old one.
thickness is exactly the same actually, it’s a better material than the
the original one because it has a plastic shield and it’s so let’s bring the Paramotor here and let’s start to change it, see you soon As you can see we have the Paramotor here First of all, we have to
take off the harness to get to the The bull starter, I will show you now if we
take off the harness we will reach it the mechanism for pull-start By the way, this is Pollini tour 200
so, first of all, let’s remove it ah, beautiful cat. okay as you see I have removed the
harness and I reach the pull starter Mechanism here so what we need to do is
just you remove those Bolts using the Allen key, I will just unscrew them so as you can see it’s all unscrewed now
now we have to be careful here because as you can see there’s a little
pulley here and we don’t want to lose it just take it like that.
we need to remove this pulley also Allen key.
and then
we will get the cable inside we can see it from here, I think it’s super easy the thing to do is to remove the only
one screw so we start to remove it you remove it, anticlockwise like this.
okay now remove this piece slowly be careful because there is
Two small pieces, here you have to be careful, just remove Below this piece there is a spring remove that piece, from the
and you have it like that. you have a spring inside you don’t have to remove it.
you don’t have to take it off what you want to do, is just remove the
the old line from her, you remove the old line by cutting it. You can use the cutter. so you remove the old line like that so first let’s just measure the old
cable to make sure it’s the same length between the old one and the new one so I
will do like this now we want to insert the new line in
this hole here from the same place we take it off okay
we have the cable now. and now you have to do the joint here okay make sure now it’s flat from
here, I mean the joint inside this hole okay by making this joint we prevent the
line from drawing out we can test that now just to make sure
everything is correct I’m pulling that so everything is nice now you have to Wrap the line on the Pulley. in this way. this hole is going to that side so you
have to wrap it like that. try to wrap as much as you can. this okay, that’s enough now, this is the now we have to put everything together like this so what you have to do, is try to match this edge here in the spring inside, to
the notch in the base match them together you will hear like a click when you put it inside correctly okay now just
to make sure that everything is correct we pull a little bit not that much
because we don’t have the screw up here we will try to pull it and we see some
resistant now so that’s mean that everything is correct but we don’t need
to pull it too much because it will come out because there’s no screw here, what
we have to do is reassemble it So just put those two spring
put them like that you put this piece here. so we will have them in this position, closed position, okay now.
the last step is just to put that cover on them Everything is working fine before we Tighten that screw so that means that everything is working fine we have to
tighten that screw now that looks great and now We will test that by pulling it hard it’s okay, it’s working now after
we put everything together we need to make sure that we have the handle!
because we want to make this tighten so it will draw the line inside, okay so we
want to prevent that to happen! just bring the line inside the put the
handle so what we need to do now is just
to make that that rotate tighter look for the notch on the pulley and try to grab the line from inside through
this notch here right now you have to rotate it and anticlockwise
when it’s in the notch now release it
let it go until you get the notch again, so one more time I think we need one more time so let it go
need it one more bring it here, rotate it now let it go, let’s check I think it’s good it’s it’s not hard it’s not easy so
it will come back easy like this we need to reassemble in the motor so that’s
it from here I think it’s easy and let’s do it okay let’s put this here Oh so just Knot here, and we
done okay guys thank you for watching I have finished already I installed the
harness and everything is ready it’s working again Hopefully you get
something useful to use thank you for
watching and please subscribe if you like this video and see you in the sky soon!
bye bye

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