16 thoughts on “Paramotor Self Training | Pull Start Breaks | Giveway

  1. Another great video Danielo. I fly a PAP Tinox Atom80 with an Ozone Roadster3. I live a bit south of LA, we’ve chatted a bit on FB, Hoping to fly with you in the near future. Dennis

  2. Cool! video. I started my ppg journey last year don't have a motor yet all I have is an older 28m wing and dudek harness harness. I'm just learning kitting for now. I'm in Santa Clarita Cali.

  3. Takes a pair of nutz 🤙 Us self trained flyers have them! I fly a four stroke but am moving on to new things. Have fun and nice video.

  4. Im self trained and youe right,it isnt fast at all.I decided to do it myself because 1,I dont live close to anyone that trains and 2,just couldn't afford the 3000 dollars,used it for gear instead.Currently flying a Charger and a homade trike with a Corsair motor.

  5. Ha ha finally some one, who is just being real! But for real that was some truthful talk about self training, 11 years and counting self trained, get them hours on a paraglider that will help 100% bro! It will save your life.

  6. One of the points you're hinting at regarding self training is what never really gets said: "self training" is NOT "no training". You're still training, but you're just training yourself. You just need to have the right type of personality to research, read, watch videos, ask for help & advice, practice and learn everything you need at the right pace without a formal class.

  7. Great tip for your friend about the safe way to hold your throttle. I do the same thing and try to make sure my son holds it that way too. Got anxious about the chord breaking on you after the aborted launches. Glad you got some flying done before it broke. Would really suck if it broke before getting any air time. Not sure if you already replaced the cord yet or not but I’ve heard some pilots opting for a replacement from cobrapullcords.com Not sure why everyone freaks out about self training. Like you point out, you’re just getting free training from multiple sources. I got training but I think some people can self train safely. Another great video. Thx for posting.

  8. What are those dark things on the ground down below you? You could be feeling bumps just from the heat coming off those structures below. I've heard some stories of people getting rocked hard when flying over solar panels down below.

  9. To self train is to decide for yourself on how to train and use the information you gathered from your sources. You are in fact your own instructor. Every PPG pilot Self-Trains, some from the beginning. Nice flight.

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