Parapente à Aglou, Maroc. Trucs et astuces / Paragliding in Aglou, Morroco. Tips and tricks

My name is Aziz Elmsaïd, I live in Timzlit, Aglou I’ve started paragliding in october 2006 on Aglou’s cliff Then i’ve started wagga’s and Freestyle, in 2008/2009 I’ve started really slowly and on the past few years it’s becoming… it comes naturally but… you have to practice a lot many hours of ground handling, it start from that. I taught myself with the help of a youtube video the 2006 wagga festival Olivier Fritz and Raul Rodriguez, with a red, white and black wing anyway… So i’ve learned a lot watching this video of la Dune du Pilat And after a while i was able to repeat some tricks from it Now let’s talk about our place, Aglou The main take off is just over the caves if you go right you have 3 km until a white house we can’t go further it’s a coast guard station and we’re not allowed to fly over it The cliff is 35 meters high over the main take off and goes up to 80 meters we can also go to Aglou beach on the left With a 25 km/h wind it’s very easy to make it go and back And of course you have to wear a helmet respect the right-of-way rules and be carefull when the wind is from the south it can be tricky accident happens 95% when the south is blowing best season is october to november except this year, it’s been strange… and really pure season is february, march, april it’s the best time but december is hot … 28° / 30° you can stay here as we provide accomodations right under the take off it’s fisherman’s cave, there is a little restaurant too for drinks and food it’s 2 metres under the take off and you can be flying in three minutes if there is the conditions …

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