Parapente en Medellin (Zona de Vuelo) / Paragliding in Medellin

Luis “paragliding” Hi, good morning, Today came the day Today is the day to paraglide The light is against the camera Let paragliding in a similar mountain, a mountain similar to that To get there we need forty minutes or an hour to to paraglide It is on a high mountain, yesterday I was inspecting the mountain let’s see, I think it will be an interesting experience It will not be so difficult, and I’m not afraid, so I think now, because I’m in a 23-floor building Let’s see how it will be on this day I show the landscape today And let’s do paragliding to see how it is I hope it’s a good and enjoyable experience 20-30 minutes in the air paragliding and I hope to have good luck, see you over there! We arrived !, and I will fly from here If you see, there are people paragliding over there I will go over there too Ok, who’s afraid? Ok, I need a jacket for the cold, and there on the stairs orange need to go up to paragliding Here’s my ticket – Ticket # 3544, for lotto, “Zona de Vuelo School”- Let’s enjoy the flight, and the ticket number is 3544, use this number in the lottery 3544, don’t forget it Over there, let’s go there! I’m upstairs, drinking water,it seems a stressful time But no, on the contrary, let’s paragliding with all the energy And well, let’s se how is panorama over here This is not suitable for people with heart problems, If you suffer from heart problems, it is better not to do I arrived !, and this is the view, Here are people preparing for paragliding This is preparation for paragliding, I think that I will not be able to record in that area But the important thing is that we will paraglidingand we can record the flight This is some higher, it’s not lie, it’s a complete madness . . . . . Excuse me, my finger on the camera . . . . . But we will record it, so . . , i dont’t know if you can see over there, there are people paragliding the paragliding starts over here, the conditions are perfect for today And let’s enjoy, and let’s see if in middle of preparation I can record with my cam Jaime “The instructor” Launch Zone – and we will fly to that place Preparation for paragliding Landing: He made it! Hey guys!, Jaime is the best Pilot! Wooooooooooooo!!!!!! Excellent, this is to do it twice – Come on, this is Jaime, the best pilot! – Welcome Ok, I’m here, it was over there Hey, unfortunately I could not record the landing But I can record all the flight It was interesting, very interesting I show you, this is the place, called Flight Zone (Zona de Vuelo in Spanish) The next time I come to Medellin, I’ll do it again It’s a super experience, a experience interesting I think I was in the air 20-30 minutes This was amazing!, amazing! I’ll find a way to paragliding once again Now you know, you flight over there And over there it is Fight Zone (Zona de Vuelo) Guys, amazing!, Amazing! Acknowledgements (Zona de Vuelo – Ezpresa Designs)

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