49 thoughts on “Parents, athletes cry foul over canceled high school baseball class

  1. In one comment he makes a point about using the class for checking academics and checking with the students, yet when told he can do that during the other classes his complaint is about not being able to give them extra training on the ball field. I have to wonder how hard it is for them to do the baseball class as an after school extra voluntary class.

  2. That principal has an impossible job. Graduation is probably so low. She had to make a decision and the coach doesn’t care about anything but his job.

  3. It is sad how high school kids need an extra baseball class to hold themselves accountable for their own grades to keep them eligible to play baseball.

  4. If the kids can’t make grades that’s the kids fault the extra class has nothing to do with it. You have practice everyday you don’t have a game if you’re a good program. I played for one of the top high schools in the country and we never had a 7th period. Stupid is what this is

  5. Is this 7th period "Baseball Class" just a "study period" or is it something that they actually get graded on. Or is it something that has nothing to do with school but is extra baseball practice time. If they get graded on it or if it's just extra baseball practice time, then it absolutely should be done away with. But if it is a "study period" then they are idiots for getting rid of it.

  6. Coach didnt make sense, 7th period baseball class was presented as a way for the coach them to help keep the kids grades up and keep them elegible, through studying and mentoring. But when told that he can still check in on the kids during his 7th period personal prep time, he states that his understanding is that he cannot bring them to the baseball field during that time… so what is it coach, 7th period baseball class is to help them keep their grades up or is it for baseball practice?

  7. I could imagine trying a baseball class in Ohio. That would be instantly ruled a violation. Ohio has really strict rules for sports though. You can't even practice for a summer team during the baseball season or you're ruled ineligible.

  8. No schools around us has baseball class😂 its actually stupid. Shouldnt be playing if they cant be responsible there selves.

  9. Let me get this straight. A "free" class for baseball players.

    When I was in High School playing baseball, 2.0 did not cut it because of "coach's rule" you must carry a 2.5. Sports are sports, not life.

    We also had grade checks every Friday

    First off, how does anyone turn in an F? I mean, I am dyslexic and hell and still pulled C's in writing and grammar classes without trying.

  10. Dafuq is "baseball class"?? Is this some sort of joke? I'm sorry, I'm all for high school athletics but I'm completely against applicable real-world knowledge taking a back seat to sports…. just extend practice.

  11. Stricter rules by making it if you have an F you can't play? That's not even hard to do without a study hall.

  12. Sounds like a great program for the boys that have the physical ability to play baseball. But this type of mentoring could also help other kids. Perhaps this class was cut because it only benefitted certain kids.

  13. A dumbass in class is a dumbass on grass..kids need to put that same dedication and determination in sports towards those books.. simple as that..no sympathy for these kids that can't even read or write

  14. Dude I’m in high school and I play softball we have 6 and 7 period Softball and it’s for working out and practice. It does help I have all A’s now because we have study hall and most of my coaches are teach different subjects. So I ask for help and ask upper class men. I love having it. Except for since I got to classes I got summer school for missing a credit but I’m taking a math class over the summer anyways so it didn’t matter to me.

  15. Kids shouldn't need a class to be able to pass classes. Getting an A is tough. B is a little effort. C is doing work and just showing up. D is doing bare minimum and not trying at all. I have a C in math. Turn in about half my homework and do ok on tests. Getting a 2.0 is really really easy.

  16. The principle is probably afraid that bats can be used as weapons, therefore cancel baseball class.

  17. Haha Bullshit. I had "Football class" for 6th period which was labled " Sports Conditioning" for class. We did grade checks but thats about it
    Some homework here and there but 90% was us fucking around in class and watching film. No school work done in class most of it football related.

    Its not really a class. Not saying all classes are like mine but most are just too benefit that specific sport.

  18. This is off topic, but…If I were a college athletic recruiter and Mom and Dad and Coach all told me how dedicated Junior is, how he works out by himself, stays later after practice, etc., I'd ask them one simple question: "What is his GPA?" If your kid is so dedicated and hard-working, why can't he prove it in his academics? Why doesn't he stay late to do homework? Why doesn't he get tutoring? The answer is because it's a hell of a lot easier to shoot free throws for an hour than it is to work on his studies.

  19. Bullshit sports aren't ur future get an education and make something of urself bc no 1 looks at what will happen if ur hurt so bad u can't play no more then what u just become a burden on Society but like they say money talks and bullshit walks when it comes to sport figures

  20. PROBLEM WOMEN in charge, look at where women have ran anything and they are going to change it the way they see fit. Coaches have changed kids more than any government funded social organization in this Country.

  21. This woman needs to listen to the baseball coaches who know what they’re talking about. She has a problem with sports and listening to coaches and parents. Her explanations were crap

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