Party on the streets at night Medellin Colombia Lleras Park 2020

At this place people gather to have fun at night on weekends There are many musical groups everywhere On the streets you can have something to eat and drink No one judge or is judged Diversity of food in many kinds of restaurants subscribe

53 thoughts on “Party on the streets at night Medellin Colombia Lleras Park 2020

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  3. Merci, à cause de vos vidéos j'ai visité Medellin 2 fois et, j'ai l'intention de revenir une 3eme fois

  4. Very very very beautiful, keep doing ur videos I been in Colombian many times this past 7 years and I never took videos but urs make me feel like I'm back in Medellin back in the Colombian culture and lifestyle which I love so much

  5. Espero que traduzcan estos hermosos videos al árabe

    Porque hay muchos árabes que quieren saber más sobre los países latinoamericanos.

    Esto aumentará el porcentaje de televidentes de países árabes.

    Gracias por este gran esfuerzo en ver tales videos.

  6. Fantastic muy buenas mujeres y ambiente como siempre de rumba caracteristica de los colombianos ..muy buen video…!!

  7. Is it safe for Americans to visit here? I don’t see a lot of white people and I’m wondering if it would be normal or if people would stare at you weird

  8. I am Colombian from Bogota, family from Medellin. Honestly, the quality in women have decreased compared to years ago when we used to go and it was a true paisa paradise. There would be scores of beautiful women walking alone back then. Now, if you check it is the typical Colombian plan where you see a girl, the boyfriend and one or two girlfriends tagging along. Few working girls around. And the worst. So many dudes! At least there is more rumba going on because of how popular it is. But golden years are gone.

  9. مـيــــن🥰 يـــرحـــب🥰 بــــي🥰 يـــضـــغـــك لايــــك🥰ويـراســــلنـــي خـــــاص واشـــترك بقـــناتــــي

  10. I'll be staying at Carerra 43F at an apartment. Fk, am looking forward to it ( probably will be using fb as the chica supply rather than the streets )

  11. türkiyede damsız barlara giremezsin yanında illa bayan olacak nasıl bir mantıksa eğlenmeye bayan taımaya gittiğin barlara damsız girilmiyor medellin sokakları cıvıl cıvıl azda olsa güel bakımlı kalıtelı kadınlar var

  12. Great Video Explorando, I nice to see Colombia thru your eyes, I will be their in April, I have a question, my stay will take me through Good Friday and Easter, does everything close down during the holy days ?

  13. Love this place. Plan to move there from Miami as soon as I can. The natural beauty, women, food, lifestyle, and hospitality are amazing. One of my favorite places.

  14. Que buen video, que profesionalismo para editar y exelentes tomas, haces sentir como si uno estubiera alli, gracias👍🏽

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