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The freedom is amazing. Yeah, it just gives you a little bit of everything, You have your really relaxed moments where you can just sit there and then other times you’re just hanging on, and you’re fighting these thermals. Theo Tschurtschenthaler started paragliding before he learned how to ride a bike. I was always around it, my dad got me into it from a young age; he took me for the first time when I was about two and a half and then I just started… I met him on the outskirts of Golden, BC. He needed a ride up the mountain to make a jump, so I gave him one. Theo, yeah, how’s it going? Pretty good, you? Good, nice to meet you! Yeah, you as well. So I hear you need a ride to the top? Yes please! I’ve been looking all day. Lets jump in and get going! Sweet! What is it called? Where we’re going? Um, Mount Seven. We’ll get a visual of it here pretty quick. It takes about a half hour to drive up there. So, how long ago did you fly off this point…the first time? I think I had my first solo flight from Mount Seven when I was about sixteen. Wow…yup. Mount Seven lies between two mountain ranges, the Rockies, and the Columbia Mountains. Wow, it’s amazing up here… Sure is! So, this is where you launch from? Yeah, so this entire area is our launch, and depending on the wind direction, we can launch from the south, we can launch from the west, we can launch from the north. Alright, well I’m going to let you get set up, I’m going to hit the trail and I’ll meet you down there. Sounds good! The wind is super intense, it fills the sail and slams it against the ground. Theo tries to take off, but changes his mind. Just didn’t feel right… So, you can be ready, and say you’re going to go, and then the gust comes, and it just doesn’t feel right, and then you just wait for the next one. Launching! No, it never really gets boring, scary and calm and peaceful and exhilarating…pretty much all the feelings. So? That was good? Good flight? Yeah! Nice! Looked amazing! How was the drive? Doing some fun stuff right there… It was good…but you know what would be great? What? If I could do that with you. Yeah? Yeah. Well, we can get you up there. Yeah? Yeah. Alright! I’m going to have to call a buddy. So I’m stoked to do this…and Theo, why am I not able to jump with you? I’m personally not licensed to take a passenger, so I have Scott here. And Scott you are? I am. Perfect! So Scott, tell me about a tandem jump. Well, a tandem is where we go together, I’m in the back, you’re in the front, you have the best seat in the house! But flying is starting to look too risky, thick grey clouds are blowing into the valley. What range of wind do we want to be in for this to work safely? Um, from zero to twenty kilometers an hour is ideal. There are risks involved and most accidents happen on take off and landing, because that’s when you’re closest to the ground and you don’t have time to throw a reserve. Okay, so we’re going to wait and see if it drops down to like…there is a wall of clouds coming at us right now and coming up this way… so we want this to get below twenty kilometers an hour. And it’s gusting around forty five right now. Okay, this is the harness you can wear, put it on like a backpack. We gear up while waiting so when the wind dies down, we can go. Okay, are you ready? Yeah, I’m ready! Okay, when I say go we’re going to run forward three or four steps and then you’re going to feel some resistance, that’s when the canopy is filling with air, So, you want to resist that, once it’s above our heads, then I just say “run” and we run until we’re in the air. Hey look who’s got the controls! Not me!! I’m just sitting here enjoying the view! When you pull on your brakes, it slows down the paraglider and you get this little swing and you pretty much go zero kilometers an hour so you can just touch down and walk it out. Oh, beautiful. Nice! Alright! Thank you! So, I can’t even begin to describe the sensation, I mean thank you so much, that was just incredible, I can see why people get addicted to this so fast… like I kind of want to go back up! Well, Theo thank you so much for our very first high flying Passport Adventure, I definitely have a new appreciation for this sport. Now, if someone is new to this and they want to give it a try is there a website or a resource they can go to? Definitely, they can google altitude adventures in Golden or All the information is on there. Perfect and don’t forget to comment below with your Passport Adventure and maybe we’ll come see you soon. Want to go eat? Yeah, lets do it. Alright let’s go.

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