Patricia Heaton Will ‘Die’ For Her Kids But Won’t Do Their Laundry

– [Patricia] And did you move to LA? – [Kelly] Girl, yes, but we
moved to LA and we’re not very.. It’s not LA, it’s just cities. We like being out in the country. And so, we actually recently
got a place in Montana. I hear you you love Montana. – I do. – [Kelly] We just got
back like last night. – Oh, you did? – Yes, that’s why I’m so excited. (Patricia laughs) Just on a high. – Well, Montana is just gorgeous. I mean, the summertime
is like fly fishing, – [Kelly] Yes. – And they have double
rainbows every day basically. – [Kelly] I know, it’s the
happiest place on earth, – [Patricia] It’s kind of magical. – [Kelly} Disney World
Has nothing on Montana. – [Patricia] No, exactly, yeah. – [Kelly] It is, I was so
like, “Ugh” before the weekend, and now I feel refreshed, but… – And we go there for Christmas, – [Kelly] Oh, we too
are going for Christmas. – And we chop down our own Christmas tree. – That’s what my husband
does, he grew up in Wyoming, he did that. – Oh, he did, yeah. – So, we’re doing all of that this year. My familiy’s coming, I
can’t wait to get snowed in. – Yes. (laughs) – [Kelly] I’m very excited. We have a video of a fish
you caught, I think, right? – Oh, yeah, we do like a little, you have to do catch and release there, so, that was the biggest
thing is to be able to unhook the fish. They’re small. (Kelly laughs) Not like a huge… I’m not
holding it up like this. – [Kelly] I love it. We catch and release too
unless we’re gonna eat it, sorry, people, but we eat fish, but I think if you are
going to kill something, you might as well eat it
or you’re wasting it, so – Right, exactly, yeah. – But I get that though, we release too. Fly fishing, don’t you feel
like you’re in that movie? – [Patricia] Yes! – [Kelly] What’s it, River Runs Through? – [Patricia] Yes, I
filmed it where we are. – [Kelly] Yes, I know! – [Patricia] Yes, that’s the
first time I saw Brad Pitt in that t-shirt. – [Kelly] Oh my gosh. – Woooo! – The hair. – I remember sitting in
the movie theater when he came out of the river in that tshirt, – [Kelly] It’s unfortunate, wow. – both my friend and I audibly
gasped in the movie theater (gasps) (Kelly laughs) And my husband was
sitting right there too. (laughs) – You’re like, “I’m just
kidding, it was just shocking.” (Patricia laughs) (laughs) Well, when you’re not in
Big Sky, how do you… Cause we just moved here,
how do you wind down here? – Do you like to sweat? – Um, I like hiking if
that’s where you’re going. – No. – Okay. – No, this is… – If you’re going like, spinning, I’m out. – No, not spinning. You lay on a table, – [Kelly] I’m in. – It’s like an Urban (laughs) – [Kelly] Yeah, I’m in. – It’s an Urban sweat lodge, – What? – you lay on a table, they
wrap you like a burrito, it heats up, they put headphones on, you can watch Amazon, HULU, Netflix, They bring you water, it’s the most… – You’re just sweating out toxins, listening to music or movie. – [Patricia] Yes, and
your heart rate goes up, and you burn calories, laying
there watching TV. (laughs) – We found it! (audience cheers) We found the miracle! – I will give you the information. – [Kelly] You’re gonna see me there. – It’s my favorite place. – That sounds awesome. – I love it, yeah. – Oh my gosh, okay, I’m in, I love you. Okay, is it easier to
relax though, now that… you have four sons, right?
– I have four sons, yes. – [Kelly] We have four kids, but four sons is a whole different thing. – Yeah, you know, they’re
all out of the house now. I’m an empty nester.
– [Kelly] Is it cool though? – [Patricia] It’s nice,
it’s quiet, there they are. It’s quieter, it’s less smelly, – Boys. – I mean, I remember, I
was making scented candles with Martha Stewart, as you do, – [Kelly] Oh my gosh. – And I said to her, “How
about putting rosemary in, is that a good scent for candles?” She said, “That’s much
too strong for candles.” I said, “I have four boys at home, there’s no scent that is strong enough (Kelly laughs) to cover that smell.” – That’s like touring with boys. I love you, band. (Patricia laughs) But touring with boys in a bus is like, “what is that smell?” – Yeah, uh huh.
– Like, I don’t understand it. – [Patricia] Yeah, and
now, when I visit them, and my son said, “You know,
my friend’s mother’s always coming, when they come
they do the laundry.” and I’m like, “You know
what? I will die for you, I will not do your laundry anymore.” – You can do your own laundry. (Patricia laughs) I’ve been doing my
laundry since like seven. – Yes, me too. – [Kelly] Grab the washing
machine and take control.

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  1. Die for your kids but won’t do the laundry…..? Gee the easiest thing to do and really the most important appreciated thing moms can do. Yes so can they but moms are the best at most everything!🤫

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