Patrick Stump vs lyrics – and Pete the savior (including captions/crack edit)

And I’ll raise you Like a phoenix Put on your war paint Bring home the boys in scraps Scrap metal the tanks Get hitched make a career out of robbing banks Because the world is just a teller and we are wearing black masks Cause that’s just the kind of boy that I am (The only thing I haven’t done yet is die) And it’s me and my plus one in the afterlife The best of us can find happiness in misery (Take a chance let your body get a tolerance) (I’m not a chance but a heatwave in your pants) (Pull a breath) like another cigarette Palms up I’m trading em I’m the oracle in my chest (Come on make it easy) (Say I never mattered) (Run it up the flagpole) We will teach you How to make boys next door (If I am off the deep end) (I’m just here to become the best yet) (I’m just here for the psych assessment) I’m just here for the For the Young and Menace I’ll be the watcher (Of the eternal flame) I’ll be the guard dog (Of all your fever dreams) Thanks Pete

15 thoughts on “Patrick Stump vs lyrics – and Pete the savior (including captions/crack edit)

  1. Do you have the link to the I don't care one at 0:54 by any chance? ๐Ÿ™‚ X
    Found it actually, don't worry!

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