Patrick Stump’s cutest moments Pt. 2

OK balance on your forehead. And now attempt to get it into the mouth That’s horribly wrong Andy: Delete that cookies Slow and study. You can do it Patrick! That was so close That was a disaster But I’m gonna say Patrick got a lot closer than you (Song: Rough Water by Travie McCoy ft. Jason Mraz) 1. You’re bouncing way too much Patrick 2. Hahahaha he’s shorter than the mic stand Twirl, Patrick, twirl! Again, please stop bouncing How about a cartoon character that you’re most identified with? Mr. Magoo Brendon is the diva here But I know we’re all dying inside because of the background Meanwhile, Joe was casually running around So Patrick’s wearing shorts, and socks, and a hat We’re all wrong sometimes 😀 Favorite movies of all time? Ghostbusters/ Star Wars Best person you follow on twitter? Pete! Wait, what? Something that you hate but it’s totally necessary Patrick!

7 thoughts on “Patrick Stump’s cutest moments Pt. 2

  1. When I, if I ever get married I'm hiring Patrick as the male stripper for my bachelorette party. He can work that pole 2:05 to 2:18 LOOOL

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