Patrick Stump’s cutest moments

Hey wussup I’m Patrick Stump and this is Hello I’m Joe I’m Pete I’m Patrick I’m Andy And you’re on Musid Feeds Oh and we’re Fall Out Boy. Hi~ I forgot I’m on deck yeah I’m up next yeaH you go Patrick! Tonight I’m high as a private jet yeaaah YEEEAH Let’s be alone together YEAH We can stay young forever YEAH Scream it from the top of your lung lung lung Say yeah YEAH (that person is me whenever I listen to Alone Together tho) We can stay young foreverRRr I don’t know. I think I answered it. I got lost in puppies. Imma be gravely honest Patrick: Hold up. Whut NoT iN froNTOf the PuppIES PEte I’m bad behavior but I do it in the best way I’ll be the watcher… of all your fever dreams I’ll be the guard dog… of…uh… something else! WoaaAAAAooOOooaaAAAH I am the sand in the bottom half of the hour glass glass glass A constellation of tears on your lashes burn everything you love then burn the ASSES (ashes) In the end everything collides My childhood spat back the monster that you see We will teach you how to make boys next dooOOor out of SCANDALS (assholes) (why did you sensor “asshole” but change “ashes” to asses huh, Patrick?) Tonight, foxes hunt the hounds It’s all over now Before it has begun (That is WILD Patrick!) (And here I present you 2 cinnamon rolls in their natural habitat) (Then a wild Pete appeared) Run Patrick run! yes (Pete has lost control) (There’s a desire to hug within Pete’s soul) You know what’s bad? This is why I’m not moving to Canada (???) Get out of here man Hey, I’m Patrick from Fall Out Boy and when I snap my fingers Pete will magically appear Hey It worked I just come back from where I was Thanks for this mic stand for being really tall Thanks Pete

38 thoughts on “Patrick Stump’s cutest moments

  1. Some of you may not understand but I would 100% do ANYTHING for Patrick to be my father. ANYTHING. Happy Fathers Day Dad 馃榾

  2. Andy is cute to. How is his voice so high but he looks so cool and hot at the same time it鈥檚 just Oml how does such beauty exist

  3. This "Patrick's cute moments" just needs to be a full documentary/lifelong movie -patrick always cute 馃ズ

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