Patrick Stump’s savage moments

We’re patient, and we listen. No something specific Shut up. Shut up. Shut up, Joe Last person you texted? our manager That’s not one word It’s one concept Somebody that you need to text back? Mom And me, Pete! You’ve won before so, you know, whatever Huh, it’s just another one. Where we gonna put it up (Band members talking and singing random things) Guys, the same set as last night. Oh so the entire Bobby Brown catalog? Yes (This part is just too good I don’t wanna cut out lol) Pete: Chill the fuck out! Hey, listen! Up and down, not side to side None of this Chill out! I’m talking to you fatty! Right now! Dude, stop! There’s nothing about Fall Out Boy worth fighting about. Chill out! This is fulfill of love. We’re having a good time. Relax! No, after it actually, when the young man left the world Are you..? It’s a crazy big deal like Growing up. I always thought I was gonna be Andre Dawson or Ryan Sandberg, and then I wasn’t and so Oh I’m so sorry for you! Shout out to everybody on the seat in the back you guys are awesome Except for the one asshole Except for you. Back there. You know who you are You dumped a drink on my head you idiot! Let’s all laugh at him! Why you still here? Fucking leave! Go home! Go somewhere else! Go anywhere else! A guy back there throw a drink to the lead singer of the band You know, that’s fucking rude, man Shout out to everybody in Las Vegas and happy birthday to Brendon Urie My three festival survival tips: Wear shoes, please! Stop with the flip-flops. It’s crazy. Every time I see someone flip-flops. It’s like oh, yeah because it’s comfortable and then there were like leaves and missing toes and stuff. Chill. Just wear some shoes

37 thoughts on “Patrick Stump’s savage moments

  1. All I hear is Ruberiot not being happy 'cuz he couldn't achieve his dream of becoming an artist… Hahaha i miss you SVTFOE… 😢

  2. 2:50 So who's the asshole who poured a beer on Patrick? Really hope they got kicked out. No one, and I mean absolutely no one is allowed to pour a beer on that adorable, fedora wearing cinnamon roll's head.

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