Pattaya Nightlife: Pattaya Paragliding. Pattay Beach. Pattaya walking street. Turkish Ice cream

Pattaya is beautiful beach of Asia which is 2 hours away from Bangkok we choosed route 7 to reach Pattaya by the way horn is not allowed here by law this is main route between beach and city Environment remain friendly here that’s why visitors come here from the World European visitors also visit warm beaches we got a boat on rent for paragliding if you are in a group then no need to get online booking for paragliding. we bargaining for paragliding from 800 Thai baht and don it on 300 Thai baht he is the first glider you can see it going up Pattaya City remain open at night as in day times this is the walking street every this is available here this is red light district clubs rod remain full with the people till late night finally we reached on the outlet of Turkish brand ice cream we saw different kinds of videos of this person on the internet he was doing same things as we saw on different internet videos.

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