100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: A Seller Hopes for a Spare on His 1800s Bowling Ball (Season 9) | History

  1. How much you want for it?
    200 dollars.
    I can only do 1 dollar…
    How about 2 dollars?
    …thinks about it for 5 minutes….
    Deal. I can do 2 dollars.

  2. "This has to be the jackpot, this has to be old. And…it has to be worth some money."
    Rick: "So how much d'you want for it?"
    (A BJ in Vegas.)

  3. 1:08 "They didn't have fancy shirts, but it's always been really popular."
    Nah, the Ancient Egyptians had some pretty damned fancy shirts.

  4. Keep in mind. Modern bowling balls today go for around the same $60-$100 price…

    Hate this show more and more each episode… smh

  5. Rick : give me a a 3 item combo
    Employee : it will be 8 dollars
    Rick : the chicken looks a little over cooked best I can do is 3 dollars
    Employee : sir the price is 8
    Rick : let me call my Friend who’s an expert in Asian cuisine, mind if I call him?
    Employee : sir there’s people in line waiting
    Rick : I’m sorry. But their going to have to wait

  6. Rick’s wife : babe I want a Tesla
    Rick : honey best I can do is a Prius
    Rick’s wife : baby I’ll give you a massage every night 😉
    Rick : Honda Fit it is baby 😉 I hope you have oil

  7. Customer: I will ask for $100 a hole, so $200
    Rick: I can do $10 a hole
    Customer: Change that, you're an a hole too so $300

  8. Rick looks at ball and says oh I have to call in a expert and also I'm going to have to get it framed best I can do is 25 dollars

  9. This guy is hilarious.

    Rick: “ I’ll give you $75 bucks”

    Black Dude: * long pause* contemplates used old bowling bowl market does some mental math *sighs*!


  10. "I brought it in because I think I hit the jackpot." Rick: how much do you want? Customer: $200 (major jackpot! lol)

  11. Customer: $200
    Rick: best i can do is a happy meal, without the toy, the toy goes to chumlee. And I'm taking a huuuggge risk here!

  12. The game of Rick:
    1: Make you laugh or smile with a really ignorant remark.
    2: "What's it worth to you?"
    3: "I'll call a buddy"
    4: "I can only offer you a third of the value you just heard"
    5 "It is actually a big job for med to buy ti – I need to clean it, restore it, frame it + store it for at leeeeeeast six months"
    6: "Based on that, I can only offer you a fifth of the value, since it is actually a burden for me to buy it"

    How the flying F**K do people fall for this?!!!!

  13. After watching these clips, i feel like… if he offered the ball for $600, Rick would buy it for $300. If he offered it for $100, rick would take it for $40, if he offered it for $5000, he would buy it for 2,000.

  14. Rick couldn't even remember the name of the type of wood even though he googled it right before they started filming.

  15. I wonder if Fred Flinstone used that ball?

    Edit: Never mind, it's not made of stone, it's made of wood.

  16. Dude said he was a baller he wasn't a bowler. But if he was smart and anything he would have countered offer more than $5 LOL cuz he easily would have done at least a hundred and twenty-five if he would have played right

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