100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Custom Dodgers Autographed Baseball Bench Table | History

  1. This guy is more carpenter than fan.

    Only a really wealthy, care free Dodger fan would want this. I'm a red sox fan and I would love the Robinson, Ebbits, or Branch Ricky autograph for my collection. Not that whole bench.

    Prime example here of eliminating a huge part of the market with what he did.

  2. I'm going to drill holes through all my baseball cards and hang them from the ceiling on a string. Give me $60,000.

  3. I mean… couldn't you find some kind of weaving or classic wire to put it together with?
    Bolts are lazy and ugly when it comes to wooden furniture.

  4. I don't what happened with this piece but I think he might be able to find a wealthy dodgers player, owner or fan who would want the tax write off buying and donating to a Dodger Museum or exhibit, maybe even the hall of fame.

  5. Am I the only one who doesn't care that he drilled holes in it and think this looks really cool? So what if there are holes in the balls or bats? He didn't intend for it to be taken apart, he meant to make a bench for the ultimate Dodgers fan. I'm honestly surprised he would give up something this valuable and isn't just keeping it for himself. He's still got the signatures on it.

  6. All the comments about him making stupid decisions….didn't he say he was asked by one of the teams to do something like this to begin with?
    Ignorance was in the expert. Regardless of what was done with the items, it was this guy's stuff to do what he pleased. Expert is prob right but very unprofessional in making personal attacks.

  7. This breaks my heart cause i have a Babe Ruth game bat that i turned into a paper towel holder and i was looking to get 4 million for it cause its art.

  8. Chum: what is this?
    Seller: this is the actual Holy Grail that Jesus drank from. I drilled some holes in it and put some wiring and screwed a lightbulb into it, very unique and one of a kind.

  9. "Im looking for the right buyer…"
    lemme stop you right there. If you're at a MF pawn shop something tells me you already were looking and found no buyer

    You are looking for someone to pay top dollar for your stupidity.

  10. Careless and irresponsible for a person to purchase memorabilia then destroy it for future generations. What a shame.

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