100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Ty Cobb, Joe Sewell Game Used Signed Bat | History

  1. “I have an EBT card with $100 on it. It’s a fair offer and the best I can do. If it helps I’ll throw in a block of government cheese.”

  2. I learned never sell anything to a pawn shop, you are better off posting it in a Bulletin Board, eBay and amazon.

  3. Run, that so called expert is a fraud. He's scamed people out of alot of money and his mentor actually went to jail for it.

  4. Steve Grad is the first indicator that you're going to get scammed. He did go to prison for fraud and it's proven that he isn't certified in autograph authenticity.

  5. “I have the fountain of youth in my backyard. It will literally grant you and whoever eternal physical life. I wish to excavate it and sell it.”

    “Best I can do is $150. Keep in mind, I’m taking the risk, all right? And I have overhead.” Rick’s classic cackle

  6. I have an autographed picture of mark lemke that i got for christmas almost 30 years ago i think it's worth about 500 grand LOL!!!!!!!

  7. Il give you a bubble gum wrapper , a paper clip and a worn out tyre …. And I am still taking a big chance here ..

  8. Some people are just simply stupid. Does that dork think it has a gold & diamond core??? With that kind of mind, I'm astonished he can walk & breath simultaneously.

  9. Why the F*CK would you go to 75k when you’ve just been told it’s worth 15k.

    One way ticket to delusion land.

  10. I'm extremely related to ty cobb, I think he was my great grandmother or fathers cousin. he looks just like my father.

  11. Even I knew that hat wasn’t worth the 100k and I’m no expert lol but he went down to 75k after someone evaluated it to be 15k yoo 😂🤦‍♂️

  12. lol if i won a 100k bat i will not put it in a chefs apron… it would be in a decent box of some sort..

  13. Guy: it’s worth $100000 I’m an expert

    Actual expert: it’s worth 15 thousand

    Me: Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. Think about a rich collector of baseball memorabilia. What are they going to spend $100,000 on? It's not going to be a Joe Sewell bat. So much more you can get for that much money.

  15. This is a seller who paid way to much got stung and tried to get his loss back ….failed misrably

  16. Smart not pawning it but can’t say “it belongs in a museum” Indiana Jones pun!… then try to sell it a pawn shop for $100k…. Dumbass.

  17. Corey: I don’t know much about Ty Cobb but he sharpened the spikes on his cleats to cut people.

    I’d say you don’t know ANYTHING about Ty, Corey.

  18. The guy trying to sell the baseball bats for six figures – like if it came from Sammy Sosa… 😆 🔥 🔥

  19. He said "this is my business" but is trying to sell it to a pawn shop? Obviously business is not doing well.

  20. I haven't even finished watching the video but I can tell you they wouldn't pay that much money to save their mothers life. I'll finish the video no and see. I knew there wouldn't be a deal.

  21. Its painful to watch these "experts" try and sell items for ridiculous amounts even after a actual expert shows up with real market prices.

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