Penis Health FAQs: Can I Correct my Baseball Bat Shaped Penis?

I have a baseball bat shaped penis. Is there an exercise to correct that? a lot of men have a baseball sh….um…baseball bat shaped penis and what that means is either thinner at the bottom and gets thicker towards the top or it’s thicker at the bottom and gets thinner towards the top or in some case it starts thick, gets thin and gets thick again it’s inconsistencies in the actual thickness of the penis that so that
means baseball bat shape and in most cases general PE will correct
that in most men ummm…up until awhile ago well when the slow squash jelk was created there wasn’t a whole lot of isolation
exercises you could do that would target umm… the baseball bat shape umm… you had to do a…a slew of
different exercises to affect it, umm…one then being like if you have a thinner base and if thicker at the top heavy down towards stretching, or heavy
downward hanging or heavy downward exercise ummm… serves to increase the base of the
penis but if you, … if you have just the
opposite that where thicker at the bottom and get thinner as you go to the top you need more of an isolation exercise to
target that part of the penis so if you’re thicker here just this part
of the penis you want to thicken then you need to exercise that does
that, and what the slow squash jelk is is an exercise where you’re gripping at
two different parts of the penis and you’re compressing in that area
thickens as you can press against it and you squash against it so you can really isolate different areas
of the penis by moving your hands up and down the shaft and isolating it so for i would say for, ahh, a baseball bat shape the most effective exercise would be the
slow squash jelk and isolate that area and really concentrate on thickening just that… that part and if like i said if it’s a issue would
being too thick at the base or to thin at the base if you’re too thick at the base, you’re gonna wanna avoid downward heavy exercise but if you’re too thin at the base you wanna do a lot more downward heavy exercise ummm… the more heavy work if you downward ummm… the more it, it contributes to the
base the penis in effect we will get there and another thing that contributes to
base thickness if you’re thin at the base is expressive stretching or stretching for internal penis any low, low grip stretching or low grip power sister length master
exercise or even hanging low will or attaching lower on the… on your extender any kind
of lower attachments gonna be more expressive so it’s gonna pour more to
root of the penis and give you a thicker base so, their… there’d thicker base and thinner base you’re gonna wanna evaluate that and then do the proper
exercises for

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