63 thoughts on “Penis Rock Hard After Using Bathmate Hydromax!

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  2. So I’m not getting it all u do is put it on your penis and shake??…but what about the black pump??

  3. My question is this. In order to get an erection do you have to use the bathmate every time or do these exercises make it so it helps the blood flow better and when the moment of Rex arises my dick won’t let me down? I’m not sure if I have ed or not but my drive and confidence is down and I can’t seem to keep a strong erection like I did when

  4. Why Kids too waching ths ooooooof hy you know kids waching this heeh 🤔😑🤐😒 Yea but Kids too waching this Rly

  5. I would love to volunteer my cock because last night I was fucking my partner and out the blue it just went limp. I know maybe what causes it because one I really tied because I been up since 2 AM and it was like 10pm when she finally got to bed and she was very wet and what sex so I played with her and I felt myself getting hard and I ask her if she wants me to fuck her so I fucking having a great time then something to my cock . It just went limp. I know I get up every day at 2 am to go work makes having sex is tough on me since my partner doesn't come to bed until 10pm is hurting are sex life but she doesn't want sex early in the day because incase someone come over . Plus one night I was fucking her and she went from being wet to all dried up and she told me to stop because it was hurting her and it sucks because I was about to cum inside her.

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