Percussive Therapy Tips for Baseball and Softball Hitters

Percussive Therapy Tips for Baseball and Softball
Hitters>>JOE CANNON: Hi, I’m Joe Cannon from Hyperice
and I’m here to talk to you about how to use a percussion massage device to improve
your hitting swing. What we’re first going to do is utilize
the vibration to really breathe life into those muscles before we get into our dynamic
warmup or stretching. What we want to do is really warm up the body
and make it an optimal temperature for us to move better.>>JOE CANNON: Obviously, a swing, the sweet
spots all start in the feet, in the hips and in the legs. That’s the way we can actually create more
power in our swing, so what we want to do is improve that mobility. So, whether you start at the top or the bottom,
totally up to you. I’m actually going to use the flat attachment
today, it allows the vibration to get to more areas around it, but also if I need to get
a release, I can push in for depth of pressure.>>JOE CANNON: So, where I’ll start actually
is I’ll start on my feet. I’ll start right from the back of my heel,
just going lightly up to the top of my toes and really breathing life into that area. What I do is usually speed two or three when
I’m using warmup. Speed one for us is a little bit more about
recovery, but if you’re new to vibrations, speed one is going to feel maybe a little
intense so don’t be afraid to just use speed one. You’re still going to create all that circulation
and blood flow into that area.>>JOE CANNON: Then, I’ll move actually into
my calf. So, as we talked about earlier, we can either
go from the back of the calf or the side of the calf, totally up to you. And we’re going to go move right up, you
can actually move in from the achilles all the way to the top of the calf toward the
knee. We don’t want to hit the bone and we do
one inch per second.>>JOE CANNON: Where I’ll go next is on the
outside of my quad and I’ll move right up and down my quad all the way to the top. We can be on the IT band as well, but I like
to be just on the inside of the IT band and again, one inch per second. And so, I’ll put a little pressure in there
on the areas that feel a little tight. When I find those areas that are tight, I
can move back and forth a little bit, almost cross friction across that spot that’s a
little bit tight. If it’s a little bit tender and sore to
the touch, we actually can change the angle of our vibration to allow the benefits of
the vibration without the depth of the percussion that the device may give us that might be
a little too intense for us at that moment. Because we’re just warming up, we’re not
going for that deep tissue massage during the warmup. That can be more for recovery, so maybe focus
on depth of pressure more for recovery.>>JOE CANNON: As I mentioned, we’re then
going to go to the other side of the IT band and move right up and down that same area. We can also focus from there going down the
back of our hamstring. Again, one inch per second really warming
up those areas. Maybe spending 30 seconds to a minute on each
muscle group.>>JOE CANNON: After that what I really like
to focus on is my hip. So, we’re going to focus on going from the
front of our hip, like right where one of our belt loops would be right around the top
of the hip. If it feels tight right in that TFL region,
which is right here and is a triangle area, if you feel a little tight there don’t be
afraid to let the vibration live there for 30, 45 seconds, even a minute.>>JOE CANNON: What I like to do as well, I’ll
also go fully to the back, almost to the centerline of the body. I want to go right over the top of my glute
almost in a rainbow fashion and end up right back at my hip. This is a great way to open up the piriformis,
which is key to hip mobility and really helps us with the glutes. If I have a little extra time, I will indeed
hit my glutes and find that I am really tight there. That’ll help us take a little pressure off
our lower back from standing all day or moving through our games. That’s really where I like to focus. A lot of our upper body we can get into the
lats as well so we can get through our full movement.>>JOE CANNON: So why we started with the legs
is that all of our power is going to come from our swing is going to come right from
our legs. So, we want to improve that mobility, we want
to make sure that it’s right at the peak temperature for us to be able to really swing
through that ball and drive a lot of force.>>JOE CANNON: I’m Joe Cannon from Hyperice. This has been your DICK’S Sporting Goods
Pro Tip.

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