Perfect Baseball Swing | Are you Maximizing your Abilities?

This is Sean Plouffe from
today I want to talk about what’s possible as a hitter if we’re going to
study hitting mechanics and make ourselves the best hitter that we can
possibly be I think it’s definitely beneficial to look at the best in the
game and really get an idea for who the best hitting coaches in the world are
and what they’re teaching so this is Matt Joyce and I want to point out some
of the perfect baseball swing changes that he’s made the positions that he gets to so this
position right in here before he swings the bat I want you to look at his
posture is a little different you lean forward more and but look at the arms in
the bat right and this isn’t just a home run kind of mindset or anything like
that but you’ll hear coaches all the time say
to shorten up your swaying or you know quiet your movements don’t reach back
like that or though they’ll put limiting beliefs like you can’t hit home runs you
can’t hit the ball hard you can’t have a leg kick and coaches say this all the
way into the major league level you know they try to limit big actions or they
tell kind of fit guys into holes where they’re limited coaches will basically
limit players based on what they think they can do so I’m going to point out
some guys here that have made some perfect baseball swing changes and become the best hitters that
they could possibly be and that means consistently hitting the ball hard right
so I want you to look at this position here and look at the back elbow in the
back right so he’s really loaded his hands in the bat much deeper right he’s
pulled his back elbow back towards the dugout behind him he loaded the barrel
up and from this position he can hit all
fields with power if you want more information on that check out my being
positions video but I want you to look at how he’s able to launch this baseball swing
this falls on the inner house on the right he’s able to not pull off this
ball at all right so you can see he opens up his chest farther on the left
and he’s pulling sideways rather than coming underneath his head and finishing
out towards the pitcher on the right and that’s more of a result of the position
that he gets to more than anything this position where you load your hands back
like this I call it hiding the hands from the pitcher that allows him to
create tension with the back leg and had the back leg pull his upper body through
the swing it also allows him to swing with better direction so his shoulders a
little bit more counter-rotated he set everything to hit more to the opposite
field and from that position you can hit the ball on the outer half and you can
react in whereas the position on the left where his hands are a little
farther away from his body from that position you haven’t set yourself up to
really create power to the opposite field or keep the hands back in case of
an off-speed pitch so from there really you’re just pushing
the hands forward or you’re turning sideways with the shoulders whereas on
the right he’s able to twist the bat underneath his head and finish out
towards the pitcher with much better direction in the swing so that’s Matt
Joyce and as far as how we approach hitting this is the case studies we need
to be looking at these are guys who proved that these are guys that proved
that there’s the best way to swing the bat there’s more in the tank for most
players where they’re just not maximizing what they’re capable of so we
need to really know what that looks like and a lot of coaches are against the leg
kick but really we need to understand that
these are the best hitters in the world they’re not freaks they’re not extreme
athletes because there’s been a lot of guys that come through the major leagues
and the minor leagues who are big strong guys but at the end of the day baseball
is about consistency so you have to find a swing that can consistently hit the
baseball hard and that’s what this looks like this is a swing that can
consistently hit the ball hard not an overpowered swing we’re not huge actions
these positions that he’s getting to right look at the back elbow look at the
bat again he’s much deeper with his gather and his load and allows him to
create this early bat feed and do a lot of good things when he swings the bat so
what I’m saying is don’t limit yourself don’t be afraid to load big and swing
big because at the end of the day it’s your career and if you want to make it
to the d1 level or the professional level you need to be able to hit the
ball hard and if you’re trying to cut down your movements and not low too far
or create the shortest swing possible a lot of these cues will ultimately limit
your bat speed and eventually you’ll figure out that bat speed is what will
get you to the next level and it’s not a good enough just hit the ball you have
to hit the ball hard to play at the next level so don’t spend your career not
hitting the ball hard take big swings and if you’re going to fail wouldn’t you
rather fail knowing that you’re maximizing what you’re capable of Jose
Bautista so again he gets to different positions right on the right you can see
his elbows pulled back farther probably even with the shoulder line this is
pretty consistent with all these guys so they load deeper and they able to create
a deeper swing path rather than having the push or pull the hands
or try to push and pull the bat across and into the zone sometimes you hear
coaches refer to the strength of a player and strong players should swing
different and weak players I mean or how it’s different for kids I mean you can’t
teach a literally thing and then expect it to be a big league swing when it gets
older that’s not going to happen right we need to be able to get to good
positions as young as possible it doesn’t matter how how old the kids are
how strong they are the bat is all relative the pitching is relative you
know they’re using light bats they’re facing slow pitching there they are more
than capable of getting to good positions and moving like these hitters
and if you look at the video enough and you look at the great hitters in the
game there’s so much similarities that are happening and these simulators this
aren’t being taught at the Little League level or any level for that matter it’s
not overly complicated it’s not a strength issue none of that it’s about
maximizing our efficiency so creating the most power possible right obviously
that should be a good thing especially if you’re a smaller guy right Ryan Braun
is 190 pounds and he’s one of the best power hitters in the game right so if we
take a look at these guys these smaller guys who are able to hit for power
that’s your blueprint for these younger smaller guys that’s how they hit right
if we take a look at this swing and how can we recreate these movements to
become as efficient as possible guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did
subscribe to the channel this has been Sean Plouffe, catch you
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  1. Completely agree. This kind of philosophy along with the mechanics either aren't coached (they rarely are) or are being coached OUT OF a player who already possesses them.

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  3. Hey Sean, the audio on this one doesnt seem to be loading. I'd really love to hear what you have to say on this topic. Any way you could repost it? Thanks and keep up the great work!

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