PERFLY | Badminton Explications : Comment faire un amorti de fond de court au badminton.

The drop shot with the involvement of our technical partners Yuhan Tan and Gregor Dunikowski The drop shot is an attack that is done at the back of the court to hit the shuttlecock in the front of the opponent’s court It can be executed cross-court or straight, either with the forehand or backhand It is used to bring the opponent near the net, low on the legs, forcing him to hit the shuttlecock low that way he can’t attack 2 types of drop shots exist The offensive drop shot is a stroke that is done when the shuttlecock is above the net. The player can give a quick and descending trajectory The opponent will make a bigger movement and will have to play the stroke very low. The defensive drop shot is a stoke that is done when the shuttlecock is beneath the net. The player has to try to give a high and slow trajectory to the shuttlecock to give him time to get back into the exchange If the stroke is poorly done, the opponent will have the opportunity to strike back at the net and win the point The technique of the drop shot The player goes back quickly towards the back of the court to place himself behind the shuttlecock The leg is behind, on the side of the racket, ready to go forward The racket is armed as soon as possible The stroke is done high, with the arm tight. The leg goes back forward to make the player go towards the center of the court

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