PERFLY | Badminton Explications : Comment faire un dégagement au badminton

The clear, with the involvement of our technical partners Yuhan Tan and Ygor Coelho The clear is a stroke that is done above the head and at the back of the court The clear is used to push back the opponent far away from the net Different types of clears exist The offensive clear is used when the player is in advance that way he can make his opponent late by giving a flat trajectory The defensive clear is used when the player is late and in order to make the opponent go back by giving a rising trajectory This stroke is useful to give the player more time and to re position himself in the middle of the court If the clear is too short the opponent will be close to the net and will be in a good position to attack If the clear is too low the opponent can intercept it and strike back To perform a good clear it is necessary to go back quickly and to have the leg and the arm on the side of the racket Engage the weight of the body forward, hit the shuttlecock with the arm out and slighlty in front of the axis of the body

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