Pete Patterson YT2

(upbeat music) – You’re having migraines, and you’re also having, is it, Sciatica? – Mm hmm. – In your back. So can you show me the migraines, where you’re having them again? – It goes up here and then it’s eye pain and then it radiates in the back. – Okay. Gotcha. And then does it ever bother
your neck down here at all? – It does. – Okay. What about up here? Like on the sides? – Yep. – Yeah. Gotcha. Do you get more of the migraine, I forgot if I asked you. Do you get more of the migraine waking up or towards the middle of the
day, or it can be anytime? – Anytime. – Anytime, okay. And then you feel it, you said you feel it between
here and up on this side? – Mm hmm, but it’s on both sides
it could happen either way. – Mm ‘kay on either. With the Sciatica, can you show me where? Like in what leg and exactly
where you’re feeling it. – They’re both. It’s both legs. – Both legs? And how far down does it go? – All the way down to even to my ankles. – Your ankles. Okay. – And then feet. I don’t
even feel it, it’s numb. – Oh your entire foot? Entire feet, both? – Ya. – Do you get low back pain more down here or more like up here? – Up there and down there. It just really depends on what I’m doing. – Okay. Didn’t you have mid back pain? – Yeah. Mid back right there. – Right over here? – Yep. Right about there. – Ah, this area. And you’ve been dealing with this for pretty much all of this for how long has it been again? – It’s 20 years. Yeah. – 20 years. How’ve you been mitigating the pain? Pretty much you’re just
kinda going through it and medication? – Medication. Tons of medication. (beep) – We have something here. Think we might have more up here. You said you push over here
to relieve the pressure? You said? – Yeah, I’ll even go up here if I have to. And I can usually crack
it once in a while, but sometimes it’s just out of the blue it’ll snap back in place. – Okay. Yeah you definitely have
something right there. All right. Let’s keep going. Right over here? – Ouch. – Sore there? – Mm hmm. – What if I push over here? – Yeah. – Is one more painful than the other? – No, it’s about the same. – Ouch, that one It’s weird ’cause if you go the other way, – Mm hmm. – I can feel it going
down to my lower part. – Okay. How is this right here? – That hurts. – That hurts? – Ouch. – That one’s worse. – Yeah. – You have a headache right now? – Mm hmm, you can tell
usually by me sweatin’ – Oh, yeah? (laughs). Okay So what I’m gonna do is I’m
not gonna twist you like this. I’m gonna push here basically
towards your right ear, okay? So I’m gonna go ahead and
just push right in here. Right there right? – Mm hmm. – Okay, allright. It’s not gonna be the most
comfortable adjustment, but it’s gonna help us get you set, okay? – Okay. So, on your breathe out, I’m gonna have you sink
your stomach all the way, and I’m gonna give a
push down that way, okay? – Okay. – Big breath. All the way out. One more time. All the way out. (loud cracking sound) – Ouch. – Good. – Ah, ah, ah (loud breath of relief). – That was great. You all right? – Mm hmm. – Still breathing? – Mm hmm. (laughs) okay, okay. All right, you got one more, okay? – Mm hmm. – Here we go. (loud crack) – Ouch. – Good, that was good. All right, you’re good? – Mm hmm. All right, come on up. – [Blonde Girl] You’re walking different. – Is he? – [Blonde Girl] Yeah. – Yeah, because before
I was walking like this. – Kind of on your heels? – Mm hmm. – [Blonde Girl] Yeah,
your walking different on your left foot. – That looks pretty good to me. – [Blonde Girl] Yeah. – So you feel like you
have a little more feeling in your feet? – A little bit, yeah. – Yeah, yeah? You all right? – Yeah (laughs) – Okay. I know you said you feel
a little bit light-headed, but how do you feel? – A lot better. – A lot better? – So has this let up a
little bit right over here? – Mm hmm. – That’s good. – A lot actually. – Yeah? – That’s good. – Yeah. – That’s good. How’s the pain like the
Sciatic pain, right now? – It’s not bad. – Yeah? – [Blonde Girl] If I press on those spots. – Try it. (laughter) – I’m not expecting 100%,
but you probably will still be a little bit, but. – Just a little bit, but not much. – Does he usually jump? – [Blonde Girl] Yeah. – Yeah. – [Blonde Girl] Usually,
like right in here but I’m not at the top of the (mumbles). Usually super jumpy. Let’s try the other side. – Yeah go ahead test
it, test it out (laughs) – [Blonde Girl] I’m testin’ it out here. – No, no, no, that’s good. ’cause I wanna make sure we see if there is a change or if there isn’t. – [Blonde Girl] Does that hurt? – No. – [Blonde Girl] Wow. – That one’s still a little tight. – [Blonde Girl] Yeah, okay. Like that? – Mm hmm. – [Blonde Girl] How ’bout that? – Doesn’t hurt, but it’s tight. – [Blonde Girl] Yeah,
it’s tight, but it’s not you’re not like. (laughs) – Is he usually, like,
you’re usually jumping out of that seat? – [Blonde Girl] Yeah, oh yeah. – Okay, got ya. All right, man. Hey, that’s the first adjustment, and we still have a lot more to go. (laughter) And obviously, I mean, you said 20 years – Mm hmm. – This has been going on yeah? We’re gonna make sure
as we keep going forward that we’re working on these areas. And that we. It’s gonna be getting better. You might have some days where, you know, it might feel pretty good. Like you feel really, really good, and some days where
it’s a little bit worse than it was the day before, but in the first month of being adjusted especially ’cause you
have so much going on that’s pretty normal in
terms of the fluctuations. We wanna make sure we see a progression even if there are
fluctuations in how you feel. – Okay. – Yup, so. I mean even from that, I mean, I think being able to get a little
bit more feeling in your feet and you said that he’s walking
a little bit differently? – [Blonde Girl] Yeah. – And even with the
headache feeling better I think that’s a pretty good
sign of what’s going on. – Yeah definitely. – [Blonde Girl] It’s gonna take
time to untwist your spine, of course. – Yeah, I mean, 20 years is (laughs), 20 years is a long time. – All right?
– All right. – You guys are all set to go – Awesome, thank you sir. – Yeah, no problem. (upbeat drums and piano)

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