Phil Neville calls for social media boycott after Paul Pogba is subjected to racist abuse

 Phil Neville has called upon the football community to boycott social media – and demanded companies take measures to expose the racists  The Lionesses coach spoke out after abuse was directed at Manchester United’s Paul Pogba following his penalty miss at Molineux on Monday night  And now Neville wants direct action – challenging social media companies to stamp out anonymity on their platforms and hold posters responsible for their actions   The incident involving French World Cup winner Pogba followed yet more issues with Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham last week  He said: “It’s not going away. At times you feel as if you are making in-roads – and then you receive a massive reminder that we probably aren’t  “You think about Tammy Abraham last week. It was Paul on Monday. I think we have to take drastic measures now as a football community  “We have the ability, as footballers, to send massive messages and I just wonder whether, as a football community, we come off social media now   “ Twitter won’t do anything about it, Instagram won’t – they send you an email reply saying they’ll investigate but nothing happens  “I’ve lost faith in whoever runs these social media departments so I wonder if for six months we come off social media Let’s see the effect it has and whether they are really going to do something about it  “It’s a problem not just in football. It’s a problem in society but football is at the forefront of everyone’s minds And we have the power to do something about it.  “I think the football community will I think we will try but it’s getting to the point where we say to every player out there, to every club and to the Professional Footballers’ Association: Why don’t we make a big stand?  “Let’s come off social media, boycott it all now and see if that makes a big enough impact ”  Neville, who experienced problems first-hand when Lionesses’ striker Karen Carney was subjected to a death threat, also believes that social media companies should have the ability to hold everyone accountable for their actions  He added: “The Football Association has a task-force. The Premier League is doing everything possible but they are just plugging holes and it’s leaking elsewhere  “Social media aspect affects my players daily, social media is a massive part of the problem in society and I wonder whether the football community, what we can do to police social media  “When Karen Carney got a death threat I asked what can we do?  “My players get that abuse all the time Whether it’s racist, sexist or homophobic. They get that kind of abuse. We experienced it last season Nothing got done.  “Harry Maguire has talked about people being verified, giving passport details and addresses so that people can be accountable for posting such disgusting things  “You can be an egg on Twitter and no one knows who you are.”

2 thoughts on “Phil Neville calls for social media boycott after Paul Pogba is subjected to racist abuse

  1. What a stupid comment by Phil. Police the players and protect the racists. Lol… What an old fart idiot. Spitting in the face of all black players he ever played with. If western countries can do as much as they do to curb terrorism, and yet they refuse to deal with racism decisively (because they are racist themselves), things have gone to shit.

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