Photoshop Elements Frames Sports Baseball Little League Trading Card 2019 2018 15 14 13 12 Tutorial

Hi I’m George Peirson and these are just a few examples from some of the training videos I have here on YouTube. Now when you’re working with the training, following along in the training, if you want to get the materials I used in the training just go to the description down below and click on the link it’s at the top of the description and this will take you to a page where you can download the materials. Please Subscribe, click the Like button, and of course always Share on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever I really appreciate that. Okay, let’s go ahead and get started with the video. In this Photoshop Elements how-to we’ll be making this baseball card style mini poster. Now it’s at the default Photoshop Elements size in the portrait mode as opposed to the horizontal or landscape mode and it’s great for things like Little League as you can see in here. Now I’m doing this at some just generic coloration in here if you want to though you can match these colors to the uniform color so I’ll show that in a final step at the end of this I can quickly match those colors okay see how we can make this baseball card style mini poster just get that out of the way and we’ll start off with a brand new file here new blank file now I have this starting off with the default Photoshop Elements size set at resolution of 300 so it’s at a printing resolution and then simply reverse these two numbers here make your width 4 and your height 6 there we go so there’s our basic setup now to make this work we’re going to be using some very specific settings in here to get our poster size exactly right because we have you know those thin lines going on the outside edges it needs to be precisely measured and we’ll be doing that with guidelines this pulls over here to the side a little bit and you’ll find your guidelines under view at the bottom down here and the easiest way to do this if you have specific is to start off with a new guide the first thing I want to have is a quarter inch outside white border on this so click on new guide and we’ll set this in well do the verticals those are the ones going up and down like that the left-hand side first and the setting for this is 0.25 which is a quarter of an inch and there we go now the other side since the width here is 4 inches this will be 4 inches minus 0.25 which is 3.75 let’s at that one in new guide vertical 3.75 and let’s do our top and that’s new guide that’s our horizontal and set this in at 0.25 notice I have measures from the left and from the top because there’s these zero on our rulers if you’re not seeing your rulers just go over here to view and click on rulers right there to show you rollers ok we need our bottom one down here and the bottom one happens to be at five point seven five horizontal five point seven five there we go there’s our quarter-inch outside border we now can do our red outside frame now our red frame has square corners on this corner and this corner and rounded corners on this corner and this corner you can’t do that directly so it’s a kind of a two-step process to do that let’s first change our foreground color I have my color picker here set at only web colors just to limit the number of colors in here make it easy to choose upper right-hand corner there’s our bright red let’s now go over and choose our shapes and we want to start off with a rectangle right there notice that the color here is red it grabbed that from the foreground color go up to view again and take a look at snap to make sure that snap to guides is selected little checkmark on there I can now go over here to the upper left hand corner drag down to the bottom right hand corner is going to snap right to those guidelines and there’s our nice squared cornered rectangle okay come back down to the background let’s now do another one of these rectangles I’m going to hide that one another rectangle down here let’s change the shape to rounded rectangle instead of regular rectangle so it’s the rounded corner rectangle right here set the radius at 100 pixels 100 px and that’s simply the radius of the curve and then do the exact same thing upper left-hand corner here on our guidelines pull that down to the bottom right hand corner it’s going to snap on edges and there we go there’s our rounded cornered set now both of these are shapes you may want to have these actually as just graphic layers and not shapes at this point so where it says shape right click and simplify go up to the square corners here let’s just reshow that right click and simplify okay now to show the rounded corners all I need to do is erase the corner on the square corners you need to erase that corner and it’s going to show the rounded corners underneath this all obviously is why I changed this over to a simplified layer so that I can use the erasing tool here’s our eraser tool I have mine set at a hard brush 125 pixels it’s about that size in dust erase the corner like that and come down bottom left-hand corner erase that corner there we go there’s our square corner and our rounded corner now I need to combine these two layers together so go back to the move tool just as a kind of a habit of mine always choosing the move tool click on your first layer hold your ctrl key down or command key click on your second layers that are both selected right click over here where the name is and then merge layers may sit one layer and there we go there’s our shape with those rounded corners on the one diagonal and these square corners on the other diagonal okay now I want to do just a little thin line thin outline around this shape so let’s go up to the layer and layer style style settings there we go now we want to have a stroke the default color is black as you can see right there set that for outside that’s fine and then just change the size to a five and choose okay if I now click on the background you can see that outline in there okay that’s the first layer that’s our first shape is taken care of now we need to have some new guidelines in here for our next shape were doing the same kind of shape moved in a little bit so it means new guidelines go back up to view and new guide and I’ll just walk you through all of these the first one is a new top guidelines it’s horizontal is that a half inch so do a 0.5 and there we go let’s now do the next one view new guide this is our bottom horizontal and the bottom one you want to have at five which is right there it’s up quite a bit as you can see we now need the left and the right sides we’re moving these in an eighth of an inch from either side so that is new guide change to vertical and our left side one is at point three 75 which is 0.25 plus an eighth which is 0.125 0.375 brings it in just a little bit like that into the right hand side one view new guide and the size for this one is three point six two five there we are so it’s a little whiter on top thinner on left and right hand side and a lot wider on the bottom side the name stuff is going to be going down here our baseball goes right in here our players position goes up here and then these are just the little outside red areas okay so far so good that takes care of our first shape we have our guidelines in front our second shape now the second shape is built from our first shape so grab your first shape drag it up to the new layer button like that there we go we can get rid of the style on this and just click on stroke and choose okay so we don’t have that black line on that one we now need to resize this side this shape down a little bit and this just grab those little control handles but to see this easily I’m going to change the color on here first we’ll change it back in a little bit so let’s reverse our colors to black go up here to the paint bucket make sure you’re on paint and not pattern say on paint click inside this make the whole thing black will be actually putting the kids picture inside of this and that’s going to hide that black part of it now you can kind of see the control handles in there grab the top one and pull that down to that line grab the bottom one pull that up to that guideline and same thing for the left and the right side we’re just pulling that in to pull that shape in just a little bit and cheese okay that’s our basic inside shape now for the blue line in here the blue line is made from a stroke and to keep these sharp corners on that we need to put the stroke inside and not outside double-click on the FX right there brings up these style settings or you can just go to layer and layer style brings the same thing up let’s go back to our stroke and in here we need to change the stroke from outside to inside change the size up to 40 pixels and then change our color to our blue notice I’m still on our web safe colors here web all new colors if you count up our blues here is the first blue right there right above the greens here’s our second blue click on the second blue and it’s upper right hand corner right there so that’s zero zero c CF f you’ve wanted to type that into this a little dialogue right there so here’s our blue and there it is that 40 pixels she was okay now I need to be able to select out just the black part of this with the magic one so I’ll make that easy I’ll take this and drag this up here to the new layer button will hide that layer that way I can always go back to this later and change the color if I want to and then just redo the steps after that point so I’m saving this as a safety up here right click and simplify layer and there we go so this now is simplify which means that this is just a graphic with a light blue line around it if I go to the magic wand click in the black area it then selects just a black area and that’s perfect okay let’s go ahead and deselect that and now bring up the picture of the kid to bring our kid into this image here and there we go now I have a link for this on the video support page in the link for that of course is in the description for this video so if you don’t have a picture you can go ahead and go over to that video support page and get the picture from there or let’s take this and just drag the background layer onto our other file now if you’re if you don’t have these floating windows let me just show you this real quick I know that Photoshop Elements comes by default without floating windows me show you how you set that up I can close that now there we go go up here to edit come down to preferences and in general right there make sure these two checkboxes are selected allow floating documents in expert mode and then enable floating document window docking she’s okay if you have that then you can float your windows around like this makes it really easy to work inside of the program okay so we have our kid here on top of everything else he’s the top layer that’s where I want them let’s change the opacity to 50% we’ll just type that in and that allows me to resize the picture a little bit here wanted me just a little bit larger then and it’s overlapping into my blue outline a little bit in there if I open up my window I can see my other control handles there they are so I’ll come down here hold the actually just grab the right corner here and it’s pull him out a little bit and make him say he looks yes he fits and I see here’s a foot down there he’s looking pretty good I’m gonna pull the right side up just a little bit a little larger there we go so if it’s now inside of that very nicely she’s okay let’s now reset this back up to a hundred this foot to the right hand side back to 100% all right now I don’t want to have him overlapping like this obviously so we need to go back and grab the black inner shape like I just demonstrated click on the magic wand come down to this shape layer click inside notice I can click right through that one even though I’m seeing this layer I’m working on this layer if you’re confused about that all you have to do not didn’t why do that here we go all you need to do is just deselect just hide that layer come down here so it’s easy to see click in the black area and then reshow that layer again let’s go back up to this layer so I’m on the kid picture layer and I have the selection of the black center from this layer and then just click on the button here for add layer mask and it does that puts the kid inside of that layer mask then now allows me to move the picture or realm with a kid around if you uncheck this little little little link things in there uncheck that I can then grab the kids picture and move things around a little bit in here on the wrong side double click over here there we go make sure you see the light blue and around the picture side and not the mask side so I can now move the picture of the kid around and get them exactly where I want him to the left hand side there okay so that’s taken care of all we need now is our text in here and our baseball and we’re just about set let’s now bring our baseball graphic in here and that’s down on graphics there you go click on the graphics tab and change this over here to graphics if you’re not seeing the graphics tab down here you can find that on the window menu graphics right there okay at the very very top of our list we are there’s a baseball just double-click on that and that brings that baseball in let’s go back to our layers again and there’s the baseball sitting on top here it is let’s put it right down there now I don’t want it exactly vertical so I’m just going to come just outside the corner here you saw right there just outside the corner little double arrow I’m gonna pull it around just a bit so it’s at an angle it just looks a little bit more interesting that way if it’s slightly angled let’s put a slight drop shadow on this layer up here so layer layer style style settings drop shadow leave all the stuff the same except for a distance that set the distance at 17 there we go just a little drop shadow on there okay so far so good now let’s put in our yellow swoop shape in here to put our text on there for the swoop shape again this has to be positioned exactly right for the scene to work so we need to new guides back up to our View menu new guide the first one is a vertical guide make sure that’s selected and set this at 1.75 that’s the left side of our swoop right there and then another new guide view new guide is a horizontal guide and this one is going to be at four point three five there it is that’s the top so we’ll use the bottom down here and this right side left side so there is the space we put in our swoop into right in there and get back over to our graphics let’s now shift this over to shapes and if I scroll down on the shapes I’m just using the wheel on my mouse just scrolling down and we have one that’s called flag in here it’s down a little ways we’ll get down to that one and there it is right there it’s called flag double click bring that in now it comes in at the last color use we can change our color at this point if we want to let’s just come back to our layers again so here’s our shape there’s our layers I’ll change the colors here to yellow and it will go for a real bright yellow that looks pretty good and paint bucket click inside just make that yellow now take this and drop it right into the corner there on this icon it’s kind of snaps into that top corner pull the right side over it clear to the right side corner right there and then pull the bottom now so it snaps on that bottom there we are I’m just snapping onto those guidelines and choose okay again if it’s not snapping for you you’ll kind of feel that snap just show you that if I pull it away and so I get real close to that line is just going to kind of pop to the line there it is if you’re not feeling that little snap in there go up to view and again make sure that snap to is on and snap to guides should already be there because we set that up previously so there’s our swoop let’s put a drop shadow on this flag shape again and we’ll do a little outline as well now for the drop shadow I want the same truck shot as I have on that baseball so let’s go to the baseball layer right here right click copy layer style go up to our shape – right click and paste layer style and that copies that drop shadow say the exact same drop shadow I also wanna have a little thin black outline around this it just adds to the baseball card ish this of this so double click where it says FX brings back up your style settings and that’s going to be a stroke and I want to have the stroke on this one inside there we are and we’ll set this at 5 pixels and choose ok that is here of our swoop that also finishes off all of our need for these guidelines we’re done with our guidelines at this point so we can now hide the guidelines go up to view and just uncheck guides and they’re all hidden they’re still there but there it is hidden so everything’s here now except for the text let’s do the top text right there first I’ll reset my colors to black and white make sure we’re on blacks kind double checking that go over here to the type tool and I’ll move the kid over just a bit there we go so we have do Pizza type the top bit of type here is the position in this case I’m just sending out an outfield and the bottom type down here is the name or nickname of the player so for our top type our team position let’s set our colors here to white of course is just the background or I could have this inverted does we set that to white I have mine set for Arial bold but you know whatever type you want to use type this you want to use is fine I just have my set a basic Arial bold in here and then set the point size to 18 and take the type tool click up here someplace you know let’s type in outfield and then use my arrow keys on the keyboard to position that nicely there goes there’s the positions whatever position your kid plays just put that position up there all right now go back to the shape to layer and we’ll be doing the name or nickname in here and if I use the type tool it’s going to be going on the layer above whatever layer on make sure you’re on the flag layer I’m going to rename this here to match the name of that shape there’s our flag layer reset our colors again to black so blacks foreground that’s good back to the type tool it grabs the foreground color as you can see down here change the point size to 24 so it’s a larger typeface everything else stays the same and I don’t want it doing inside of my shape so I’m up at a new layer here like that and then is clicked so what’s the type on that layer converts out there that new layer to a type layer now let’s put in Mighty Mickey in here now notice that it’s not a very good fit yet so we need to fit this and put our swoop in I’m going to take my floating window here and just move it back up to the top you can see it kind of changes kind of goes transparent well instant position like what that position it then docks that window so now I docked window I can now scroll down and we can see all of our type tools down below here that’s just make sure it’s selected this trip hook make sure it’s selected and click on this button here that brings up the type warp there’s one down here called flag click on that and that’s a flag shape notice how’s the wrong direction so I’ll go over here on where it says Bend and is pull this to the left slowly like this it’ll Bend to the correct shape that’s not going to be exact so get it you know pretty close choose okay back to our move tool now grab the left side and the right side and stretch the type out so it fits in our box area like that you can move it around a little bit maybe use the cursor keys to to nudge it around and choose okay now if the type isn’t exactly right on the bend still go back to the type tool and bring the type warp back up again and you can adjust the bend here a little bit to get just the right amount of Ben that looks pretty good and she’s okay there we go there’s our wavy nickname in here and at that point we have finished our baseball card okay let me just pull that off and re float my window you see the whole thing and there we go there’s the baseball card all finished now I mentioned before that if you want you can change these colors to match the team colors me just demonstrate that quickly in here that’s a couple of steps to do that first is our background let’s say our team colors are the green in here and the blue up here before I even do that I’m going to do one more thing and one more step the picture is kind of dark on this let’s just go ahead and put an adjustment layer on there and improve our picture a little bit so I’m on the kid layer I’m on the kids side notice the light blue outline right there go up to a layer new adjustment layer and let’s go to levels where it says use previous layer to create clipping mask check that choose okay and in here I can not take my middle control move to the left and I can lighten my picture up a little bit move the left side to the right just a little bit and increase contrast a touch right side to the left a little bit and brighten it up so the outsides pulling those in this increases the contrast of the white side this increases the contrast of the black side and then your middle gray value either lightens or darkens the picture so just use these controls to get a nice adjustment on the picture that looks pretty good for this particular picture I’ll close that box there we go and the reason I did the clipping mask on this is that the this effect this control only affects just the photograph and nothing else okay looks pretty good let’s now go back to our red layer I’m going to make a copy of this layer let’s drag it up here make a copy like that I’ll hide my original so I can always go back to that if I want to it’s always good to do though if you’re doing experimenting or playing around make copies of your layers if you have a lot of layers it doesn’t matter you can always show our hide your layers and that helps give you a flexibility come on the top layer here and I want to match this layer to the green so I want to have a mid-tone green which is in here someplace click on the color picker if this is open notice I have a little eyedropper exceed their brighten according little eyedropper we’re gonna pick one of the mid-tone values don’t go for a shadow don’t go for a high pick something in the middle so there we go that’s actually pretty close I’ll uncheck web-only colors let’s try that again that’s pretty good you a little lighter that looks nice right in there you can you know tweak the color a little if you want to in here a little bit greener on that choose okay there’s my green color how can I use my paint bucket click into the red and that color rises that with that color again if you have a better color swatch you can match that exactly if you want to batch there’s an easy way to do it now for the outline up here this is why I said to save this now two ways of doing this one way is to just use the eyedropper tool and click right into the light blue outline here and do it that way I think a little less control that way so we want to hide that layer bring this layer back up again this is our unsaved layer click on the FX bring that up here’s our color swatch right there click on that here’s our color picker again and once again I can come in here and I can actually grab a bit of color right from the picture yeah cuz in the blue arrangement go a little bit bluer on that so it looks good choose okay and there we go I’ve now matched the colors in here to the colors of the uniform so you can easily match your colors to 18 colors if you want to with that trick I’m gonna go back to my default colors are just kind of happen to like those better so there’s my default colors are this bit brighter so here we are you know some baseball cards will match the team colors some cards won’t match the team colors it’s up to you if you want to match those or not but there does there is how to do a little mini poster in the style of a baseball card for your little leaguer thank you for watching this a special Photoshop photography project video don’t forget to subscribe so that you will get first notice of new project videos in the future just click on this link right here where it says subscribe here you can get all 12 project videos in this series along with 26 special videos demonstrating the tools and techniques that I used in these projects by clicking on this link right down here and then thank you again for watching this

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  1. I really enjoyed this one George! My mind is going a mile a minute. Been looking for those special gifts for the holidays and the kids would love having a blown up card like this and have it framed. This was a very fun project to do and easy to follow along. I love those guides, I really don't think people use them as much as they should. Your productions are always very accurate, one does not have to go back, time and again to fix things. Fine tuning later is always very minimal.

    Enjoyed making this card and will make more in the future!


  2. I am using PSE and not seeing and INSIDE stroke option (where you implement the blue border). Is there a setting in PSE 12 to implement and INSIDE stroke?

  3. I learn so much new stuff from your videos…A big shout out to you for sharing these helpful tips. You explain everything so clearly.

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