Physical Education Games – Rainbow Road

This game is called ‘Rainbow Road’. You will need colored spots (lilly pads) or you can use hula hoops as long as you have a bunch of different colors. Place the lilly pads along the floor randomly so that they are all spread out. Split the students up into four groups. The teacher will call out a pattern of colours (for example, red, blue, yellow, blue, green). Students must remember that pattern. They must then run in that order to the different lilly pads and back. So they will be running all at the same time to red, to blue, to yellow, to blue, to green, and
then back to their group. When everyone is back, the round is over. The teacher can then call out another pattern. Or create a rule where the first team to have all of the members back are able to choose the pattern. This game can be played using the skipping, galloping, or hopping skills. The teacher can also place some
skipping ropes along the floor. Then students must jump over the skipping ropes. That is it for this game idea!

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