Pick-Up Volleyball Tradition Offers Fun, Fierce, Comical Competition

[Music Playing] My name is Dan Boye and I’m in the
physics department and I’ve been at Davidson for, this is, gosh, my 30th year.
I played volleyball every Tuesday and Thursday
for almost every year since that time. My name is Claire Thompson. I’m a senior
history major, sadly. I’ve been playing common hour volleyball since sophomore
year. Davidson’s students work really hard and I am studying a lot in the
classroom a lot and common hour volleyball is sort of an hour of just dedicated like
good clean fun. I get to interact with faculty and professors that I never
would have otherwise. I’m Peter Krentz, Professor of Classics and History.
I started playing volleyball in college so I guess I started in 1971 and when I
came to Davidson in 1979 is when we started this group. Over the years this
group has been such a fascinating group because of the way it’s grown and
developed and really built a community out of whoever was willing to commit to
coming to play. I’m Roberta Quis Fox and I played volleyball at Davidson from on the
1999 for 2003 teams on the 1999 and 2000 Southern Conference championship teams. I
enjoyed my senior year, spring, getting a chance to play with the professor’s as
my coach would not allow me to when we were in season. So my senior spring I
got my class schedule and set it so that I could join this fun group of
professors and staff out on the court on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s always
been open to faculty members, staff members, students and one of the great
fun things for me has been the relationships that with people that I
have had in class like Roberta but then got to know in a completely different
way outside class. It’s different when you actually get to get out on the court
and play and have fun and catch up with old friends and old professors that you
knew in the classroom but then you also had a chance to get to know outside the classroom.

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