Pickoff Moves for Pitchers : Best Third Base Pickoff Move for Baseball Pitchers: Part 1

Hi! My name is Mike Lumley. On behalf of Expert
Village, I’m here to teach you pitching. The last one, this is the one that kind of flirts
on a bock move. Definitely is a lefty. If you haven’t been called on a bock, you’re
not doing it right. What we’re looking at here is we’re going to get ourselves into
as close to the deception as we can get. My first part is my upper body, or my body momentum.
What I’m going to do is I’m actually going to carry myself on a bit of a 45. As I lift
and I’m coming forward, I’m going to actually get myself in a bit of a 45. When the plate
umpire sees this, and usually a base umpire is usually in this direction, will never notice
my direction. The only person that doesn’t see it correctly is anybody that’s in direct
line with where I’m throwing, so 3rd base coach, 3rd base, or on the opposite side,
1st base, 1st base coach. At times when you only have a man at 1st, if you have a 2 man
system, the 1st base umpire is sitting over here calling the B-position. First thing I’m
going to do is I’m going to get direction, so close to that 45. My toe is going to be
pointed to 3rd. To show perception on both sides that yes, I’m actually coming this way.
The other part of this is keeping my shoulders somewhat square. What I’m saying by that is
my shoulders and my hands are going to come this way and I’m going to throw back. Most
pitchers give things away by turning and pointing their shoulder right at where they’re going.
There’s a lot of things in here. Direction, separation, throw, and walk. We definitely
need a little bit of that momentum. We did this from a dead stop, so it’s a little tougher.

33 thoughts on “Pickoff Moves for Pitchers : Best Third Base Pickoff Move for Baseball Pitchers: Part 1

  1. idiot.. thats a balk!!!! I'm almost positively certain that is a balk, if you think that is not a balk your wrong. you cannot i repeat cannot go to the plate and try to pick someone off.. your more like poorvillage.. terrible video

  2. No. It's not. The foot can move in the general direction of the plate but must be pointed a majority toward third. Hence his reference to a 45 degree angle. If he goes over that 45 degree angle, it's a balk. But as long as he's on the third base side of the 45 degree angle, it's a VERY legal pitch.

  3. totally legal!
    there is no 45 degree angle rule in the rulebook at all. the rule is that he must go towards the base he chooses to throw to without making a motion to home. Which this is legal! he does not go towards home. he goes towards third! the reason why he walks towards third is because its really close to home so the opposing team doesnt call balk and your stuck on the mound in a "balk position"

  4. which he also say "as close to the deception as we can get" thats why he walks towards third to inforce that it was legal.

  5. how does that answer my question "I'm 18 and have been umping for 4 years" big woop! umping little league with a bunch a 10 year olds that suck at baseball, thats great umping skills right there, how bout you try something harder faggot.

  6. try something harder?? i dont ump 10 years olds. i ump 17 and 18 year olds. i started because dad is an ump for the little league world series.

  7. oooooooooooooo okay that makes sense when you said you were 18 and ump people your age… that makes so much sense moron

  8. This is a balk because he did not step toward the base. The pitcher must establish direction toward the base. The MLB rule book says he must step toward the base. He stepped toward home plate thusly…BALK!

  9. front foot goes to home = balk…get the third baseman off of third let the runner feel comfortable then do a timing play with 3rd this is a BALK..once your momentum and front foot goes to home you must throw the ball

  10. As an experienced ump, I would balk this move on the movement by the glove hand. It is the equivalent, in the windup position, of raising your arms, simulating some pitchers' natural delivery, while stepping off with the correct foot. H.S.rule 6 sect 2 art 4d and pro rule 8.05a cover this move as a balk. I agree w/ expertvillage- most umpires, either don't have the stones or knowledge to make this call. That being said I would balk it every time & bounce any coach or player that argued it.

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