Piecing Quilt Batting Together

hi my friends welcome back so can you
piece quilt batting back together again can’t say that real quick can you quilt
batting quilt batting okay so can you can you quilt batting together again
let’s see. So on my babylock soprano I have a selection of you guessed it zigzag
stitches so we are going to select a zig-zag stitch I basically just did
stitch 9 and it’s telling me that my foot J is a okay to go before we start
let me show you what we’re going to do with this quilt batting so in order to
piece this quilt batting together we are not going to overlap the quilt batting we
are going to put the quilt batting side-by-side one thing I have done on my
zig and my zag is I’ve widened a so it’s going to hop over a lots more wider than
the actual manufacturer setting so I’ve got it on 4.0 have my quilt batting in place
and like I said don’t overlap it have the quilt batting just butted next
to each other and then you’re going to start a zig and zaging and as you’re doing
this it may want to move apart on you so make sure you butt that quilt batting
together you don’t want to create a seam in that
quilt batting you just want to join them it’s a little bit more difficult because
i have a camera wedged between me like it’s gonna be much easier for you
guys to do this at home you’re gonna be going slower than I do and just keep
butting that quilt batting all the way down and there we go that is two pieces of
quilt batting joined together so if you’ve ever wondered if you can join two
pieces of quilt batting pieces together now you know you can and you can go and
tell your friends that you can do it! I hope you found my video useful don’t forget
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