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Let’s get started. What a toss to get started. One, two, three, down
the paddles they go. Makes its way into
the Texas bucket. Nice. Spills water, blue
water rafting. Down into the tube. Ping-pong tables, makes
its way under the slide, releases the weight. That is a lot of
ping pong balls. I wonder if we’ll
see those later. Releases the hockey ball,
powers up the power supply, releases the bowling
ball in the trash can, flips the power switch. Fan blows the cone
up the string, knocks the golf ball onto
the Tiny Pong tables. Rolls down, hits a
plunger, another plunger, a third plunger, a fourth
plunger, hits the power button. Whoa, there goes the sloth. Hits the hockey stick. Releases the bowling ball. Whoa, is that rolling uphill? Trippy, optical illusions. X marks the spot. Bang! Releases the American
flag, what a beauty she is. Oh, Ty, nice shot. Right in the target. There goes the car. Hits the hammer, there
goes the Golden Boy. Whoa, ping pong balls,
watermelon, sand. That thing happened fast. There goes the Coke bottle. Flips the switch. Generator starts
popping popcorn. There goes the
salt into the bowl. PB&J time. There goes the string
up into the birdhouse. Oh boy, it all
comes down to this. We’re Dude Perfect, welcome
to Ping Pong Trick Shots 5. Dude Perfect. You’ve heard of
the Texas two-step. This is the Texas six-step. Let’s party. [CHEERING] This is Tiny Pong. We will have a pong off. Most pongs is the winner. It’s pretty simple, really
not that complicated. It’s a gentleman’s game. Good luck to ya, Gar. Check this one out. No look bounce. Haha. Yes I have attached a ping
pong ball to a Nerf dart. All right, Cory,
let’s make the shot. I love this thing. That was amazing. Tell them what we’ve got, Gary. This is the double cup
double bounce shot. Here we go. Game on. Yeah! We’ve all probably played
the game paper football where you flick it across the
table through the uprights. We’re doing it ping pong style. Score 7 2. [CLAPPING] 72. Not happening but good
luck to you, Gary boy. This is the RC bucket. Here we go. Yeah. I put a ping pong
ball inside a balloon. Time to tape it up,
throw a dart at it. Let’s go. The idea is simple, loopty
loop, splashity splash. I think that’s good, Gar. OK, end it. Most people that go
fishing have a bobber at the end of their line. We have a ping pong ball. This is going to be a doozy. It’s down, wooo I caught
me a splashy, baby. Make him look huge, dude. I need you to like this
video because that right there was difficult. Here
we go, catch and release. What’s up, guys? Typical twin shot coming at you. I send the long board, Cory
bounces it into the cup. Let’s do this. Yeah. Score 408 we have a new record. Wow, didn’t know I was going
up against the greatest Tiny Pong player in history. I’m going to go play a twin. This is the Dude
Perfect signature bow. I have made some modifications. Instead of that
arrow with a tip, I’ve added a ping pong ball. Don’t recommend
doing this at home. Let’s give it a go. Boom. Yeah, Gar sorry. That cleanup is
going to take hours. Got our modified cup, placing it
ever so delicately in the hole. We’ve attached a
razor blade to a dart so that we can cut the line. Splash Town baby. We got an idea for a shot. It involves one of these. This is the smoke ring shot. Yeah, wooo. Wooo, smoke ring shot. What’s up guys,
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  1. Stoked that y'all like the vid!! Next up, Overtime 9!

  2. 3:12 anyone see him open the door a do the dance that I do on the weekends


  3. 1:32
    Imagine it all happened but the ball went a bit too fast at the end and it fell just a centimeter away from the cup!

  4. Ping pong 3:Spends like 500 for intro
    Ping pong 4:Spends over 10000 for intro
    Ping pong 5:Spends like 1000 for intro
    Ping pong 6: Spend 100000000000000000000000000000 for intro

  5. Why do is see Ty dancing at 3:16
    👇 like if you see it ( i liked my own comment just because i know andybody won't😢 )

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