15 thoughts on “Pirates New President Committed To Bring Winning Baseball Back To Pittsburgh

  1. It's more than just about money. If it were only about the dollars you spend, then the A's and Rays wouldn't be in the playoffs (both spend less than the Bucs). The issues have been clubhouse discord (Hurdle lost his job for that) and the failure of ability to evaluate and develop talent. Huntington made some good moves (McCutchen for Reynolds), but the Archer trade was an unmitigated disaster. I suspect Nutting, like many Bucs fans, had a hard time watching Jordan Lyles shine for the Brewers, or watching Glasnow and Cole face off in the deciding game of the ALDS this year.

  2. I worked for the Pirates for 5 years. The Nutings are Cheap Owners. Frank Coonelly, was an awesome President. He would take time to meet and talk to every employee and fan. He was dedicated to the ball club. Just because the season ends, does not mean his job ended, He made special appearances to companies that rented out space in the ball park for meeting, parties, etc. He went to Penn State. His wife attended the majority of the games while raising an awesome family. She treated everyone with respect. Clint Hurdle was unbelievable, also dedicated time to the community, great to everyone that he was in contact with, at the ball park or even at a gas station. Players respected him and Searage. Nutting was a good kind hearted man.Well spoken (chose his words well around everyone, even when you know that he wanted to say something differently).. Nuttings only worried about money. Ms Nutting spoke poorly to a lady on a suite level to put he half drunk pop (Pittsburgh Term) back in the fridge for next day.They cut all the benefits, bonuses, cancelled Kennywood days (reward for the families of employees), when they took over. Get new owners in Pittsburgh because they make 250 million, every year in profit before they sell one ticket, one hotdog, one beer. I give this outsider (New Yorker – Hockey Guy) one year before he is fired or run out of town. I think payroll was around 70 million… yeah right,… not going to happen

  3. Most fans donโ€™t care because weโ€™ve been fed the same bullshit year after year nothing will ever change under this asshole.

  4. Nutbag got rid of full time employees at 7springs as soon as he bought the place! No benefits at all. All part time!
    When the Dupres owned the place, employees got 2 bonuses a year. Not much but still. Nutbag quit that.
    He fired any tenured employee that was full time and replaced them with part time workers!
    No benefits!
    Total piece of shit!

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